Somerville, Alabama

If you are experiencing settling foundation issues in your Somerville, AL home, do not wait on foundation repairs. In most cases, foundations shift and settle due to the expansive soils underneath them, which contract when they dry up and swell when they absorb water. This puts pressure on your foundation and leads to movement as well as crack formation.

Foundation Repair

This movement of the concrete causes several foundation problems in your home. If you see any of these issues, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair right away for foundation repair services:

  • Settlement and shifting
  • Foundation cracks
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Bowing and leaning walls
  • Misaligned windows and doors
  • Wall or floor cracks

We use high-quality foundation repair products to repair foundation problems in your home. For settling foundations, we offer support with underpinning piers like helical piers. For shifting foundations, we offer repositioning devices like wall anchors and plate anchors.

Crack in Brick Above Window

Crawlspace Repair & Mold Removal

The crawlspace can also develop moisture problems. If you notice any of these symptoms in your crawlspace, call us for help right away.

  • High Humidity
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Condensation on Pipes
  • Musty Odors
  • Wood Rot or Rust

These are just a few issues that we can repair by installing a vapor barrier. This installation process, called crawlspace encapsulation, can effectively lock moisture out of your crawlspace to combat mold growth and other issues.

Fungus on Crawlspace Joist

Basement Waterproofing & Other Services

Waterproofing your basement is another essential step in protecting your home from structural damage. If water seeps into your Somerville, Alabama basement, it will cause wood rot and rust and weaken the structural integrity of your home. Wet basements can also lead to health problems as mold may grow and infect the air in your home.

That is why we provide all of the systems that you need to keep your home safe and dry. For the outside of your home, we can install surface drainage and exterior waterproofing systems, which stop water before it gets into your basement. If you are already dealing with a flooding basement, we offer sump pumps and interior waterproofing to remove moisture.

Call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair for Foundation Repair and more in the Somerville, AL area,

Water in Basement