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French Drains & Drainage Systems

Locking the doors and closing the windows may seem like an effective way to keep rainfall out of your home, but you’re forgetting about the non-traditional points of entry!

After all, unlike people, water can’t be stopped by layers of soil or slabs of concrete. Instead, it can fall into the ground and enter your home through small cracks and porous materials. When this happens, your home becomes vulnerable to a host of problems such as wood rot repair, water seepage and structural damage.

That’s why you need drainage systems you can trust to carry water away from your home. At The Crack Guys, we’re here to help explain some of the options you have for these systems! One of the most popular solutions we install is a French Drain. Read on to learn about French Drains and other drainage systems that may work to protect your home!

3 Kinds Of Exterior Drainage Systems

When it comes to drainage systems, you have some options! Each system operates differently and utilizes its own strategy to keep water away from your property. Consider the following options with a professional to determine if any of them offer the solution you need.

1. French Drains

French drains allow water to freely flow away from the home through a gravel-filled trench and into a pipe at the bottom of the trench. Water from these trenches can flow into a drainage ditch, dry well or a low-lying section of your yard.

Installing a French drain around your foundation removes excess moisture so that water doesn’t collect around your home or travel into the basement. This extra protection can help you save on basement foundation repair costs. Other benefits of French drains include:

  • Freedom to choose where water will flow
  • Inexpensive system costs
  • Quick installation process

To learn more about how this option works, give our team a call! We’re happy to answer any of your questions about exterior drainage!

2. Gutter Drains

While a little rain isn’t considered the worst-case scenario when it comes to unpredictable Southern weather, it can still cause problems for your home. This is because the water that hits your roof can slide down your home and drip into the ground where your foundation lies.

While it’s impossible to always prevent your home from getting wet, taking measures like installing gutters can help limit the risk of damage. This is because rain gutters and downspouts are designed to help water flow off your roof and down the side of your home before being directed away from its walls.

By directing this water away, you’re able to reduce the amount of water coming in direct contact with your home’s foundation. This will help prevent water damage and protect the structural integrity of your property.

3. Dry Wells

Dry wells collect rainwater that falls in your yard. These draining systems consist of a reservoir placed in the ground of your property. As water flows away from your home, it can make its way into the well where it will be temporarily held.

Over time, a dry well will release the water it’s storing into the soil in your yard. This is an efficient way to keep your yard hydrated, but more importantly, it also helps keep your home protected.

This is because by catching and gradually releasing the rainwater, your home will not have to experience exposure to pools of water all at once.

Why Are Exterior Drainage Systems Necessary?

When no steps are taken to lead water away from your home, it will take the path of least resistance to make its way inside. As this happens, it can affect your foundation and cause soil to shift, disrupting the structure of your home.

Additionally, water can enter your home’s interior and cause damage to your basement. At The Crack Guys, you can count on us to provide basement exterior wall waterproofing services or to help you understand your options for waterproofing basement flooring.

The fact remains that protecting your basement is most effective when several preventative measures are taken. Don’t leave your home at risk! Take steps to protect it with high-quality drainage systems.

Protect Your Property With The Crack Guys

When the time comes to update your home’s exterior drainage strategy, give The Crack Guys a call! Our team will inspect your yard and current set-up to determine which systems will be most effective for your needs.

Whether it’s a French Drain or one of our other drainage solutions, we’ve got you covered. When you’re ready for installations made easy, trust our team to provide a high-quality service that you can trust. To get started, just give us a call!