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Sagging Floor Repair

Signs You Have Sloping Floors

Have you noticed that whenever you drop something remotely round in your house, it tends to roll in the same direction and settle in the same spot? Have you noticed gaps between the flooring and the bottom trim in your home? If so, you could be dealing with sagging or sloping floors.

If you live in an older home in Alabama or Tennessee, you may attribute sloping or uneven floors to warped flooring. While this could be the case, the underlying cause of uneven floors could be a much bigger issue than the flooring.

Local Foundation Repair

Oftentimes, sloping floors are the result of foundation settlement. Foundation settlement is not uncommon for homes in Alabama and Tennessee. Whether you bought an older home or invested in new construction, settlement can be a normal part of the home’s aging process.

However, a significant settlement that results in sloping floors often indicates serious foundation instability. If the sloping floors are the result of foundation failure, you should contact a sloping floor repair company as soon as possible.

Regardless of the suspected cause, if you notice sagging or sloping floors in your home, contact the team at The Crack Guys today. We will examine the problem and find the cause and the best solution to level-sloping floors.

Solutions For Sloped And Uneven Floors

Sloping floors can be caused by various factors such as foundation settling, moisture damage, structural issues or poor construction. Here are five solutions that can help address sloping floors:

Foundation Repair

If the sloping is caused by foundation issues, it’s crucial to address the underlying problem. The foundation repair professionals on our team can assess the condition of your structure and implement appropriate solutions, such as installing piers or underpinnings to stabilize and lift the foundation.

Floor Leveling

This involves using specialized materials to correct the unevenness of the floor. Self-leveling compounds can be applied to the lower side of the floor to raise it up and create a more level surface. This solution is often used for minor sloping issues.

Subfloor Replacement

In some cases, the subfloor beneath the flooring may have become damaged or warped due to moisture or other factors. Removing and replacing the damaged subfloor can help level the floor and provide a solid foundation for new flooring.

Jack And Sistering Beams

For more significant sloping issues, especially in older homes, adding additional support by using jacks and sistering (attaching additional beams alongside existing ones) can help lift and level the floor. This solution often requires professional expertise to ensure it’s done correctly.

Mudjacking Or Slabjacking

This method involves injecting a specialized material, such as a mixture of cement and soil, beneath the sunken area of a concrete floor. As the material expands, it raises the floor to a more level position. This solution is commonly used for concrete slabs and can be effective for addressing sloping.

Consulting with The Crack Guys to accurately diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action to get your floors level.

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No matter what is causing the floors in your home to sag or slope, The Crack Guys has a solution. Contact our repair team for unleveled floor repair in your Alabama or Tennessee home. We’re ready to work with you – get started today!