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What Is Water Seepage?

Wet basements are not only caused by excessive rains and extreme flooding. Often, wet basements are the result of slow, constant water seepage. This refers to when water is able to leak in through cracks or by going through porous material in your home.

Between poor drainage and foundation damage, there are a variety of reasons why your home may be experiencing water seepage. If you’re worried about protecting your home from the effects of seepage, turn to The Crack Guys! We’re here to help shed light on potential causes as well as provide a solution!

Common Causes Of Water Seepage

Unfortunately, there’s not a single fix-all solution to prevent water seepage from taking place. That’s because it can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some of the most common causes of water seepage homeowners experience.

Foundation Is Sinking Or Settling

When the foundation of your home settles or sinks due to soil movement, it can result in gaps and spaces forming between the concrete and the home above. These gaps allow water to enter the home.

As water makes its way inside, it’s able to drip down into your basement and cause all sorts of damage. For example, you may find yourself in need of wood rot repair if the water is absorbed into your wall’s support beams or sits for too long in your crawl space.

There Are Cracks In The Foundation

Cracks may appear in your foundation as a result of settlement or excessive soil pressure. Cracks are another point of entry for water in your home, allowing moisture to seep into the basement and cause various problems.

Just like how your foundation can impact water seepage, the reverse is true as well. As more water seepage occurs, the resulting damage can harm your home’s structure. That’s why it’s important to address any problems and schedule basement foundation repair services when you need them!

A Lack Of Exterior Waterproofing

Water seepage doesn’t have to be inevitable when you take steps to waterproof your home!

The Crack Guys can provide basement exterior waterproofing services! We do this by taking dirt away from the edge of the basement wall and applying a waterproof material. This material is used to prevent water from penetrating the porous concrete.

This isn’t your only waterproofing option, though! If you’re looking to explore what solutions are available, our team is happy to answer any questions and provide reliable expertise.

Problems With Poor Surface Drainage

Lack of proper sloping in your yard and dysfunctional rain gutters can contribute to water pooling around your foundation. The longer water is allowed to collect near the foundation of your home, the greater the chance it will seep inside, causing moisture-related issues and weakening the concrete of the foundation itself.

What To Do When Water Seepage Is Present

It’s important to have water seepage fixed as soon as possible because the longer you neglect repairs, the greater the chance for damage to occur. This can show up in some of the following ways:

  • Mold growth
  • Wood rot
  • Structural degradation
  • And more!

To prevent this issue, rely on The Crack Guys to waterproof your home. We can answer any questions about how to waterproof basement flooring, install drainage systems and provide thorough inspections.

If your basement is already suffering due to seepage, we can help with that too! We’re proud to provide Alabama and Tennessee homes with foundation repair services that they can rely on.

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