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Bowing + Leaning Wall Repair

When your walls start to bow, it can feel like your home’s walls are closing in on you. The immense amount of pressure that your walls consistently carry may cause cracking, bowing or leaning over time. This can be scary to look at, but it doesn’t mean you have to tuck your tail and run!

At The Crack Guys, we know how important your fix is. Whether it’s cracks in the walls, ceiling or foundation repair, we have the tools and expertise that you need to get your fix fast. If your home’s in need of some rehab, you can call today to schedule with one of our technicians! Serving Alabama and Southern Tennessee area since 2014, we ensure you get the good stuff!

Are Bowed Walls Common In Old Homes?

Yes, bowed or leaning walls can be found in older homes, but it doesn’t reduce their severity. These issues often arise due to factors that are more likely to appear in older homes, which is why we see bowed walls there more often. Here are some of the top reasons that they can appear.

Settling And Foundation Issues

As time goes on, the ground beneath a house can settle at an uneven rate. This means that weight that was previously evenly distributed is now collected in one area, causing your walls to bow and lean where the weight is heaviest. As your foundation settles, you may also see wall and ceiling cracks start to form.

Poor Construction

Older homes may have been constructed using out-of-date techniques and materials that are more prone to breakage. This could include inadequate reinforcement, poor-quality mixing materials and improper distribution of weight. If you feel that this may be the issue, call your local technician as soon as possible to avoid any further risks.

Other Signs Of Serious Foundation Problems

Serious foundation issues can have a significant impact on your building, so it’s important that you’re able to see the sign that there is a larger problem. Pay attention to the signs that you may have larger foundation problems.

Cracks In Walls And Floors

Large, diagonal cracks in your interior and exterior walls can be a sign that your foundation has shifted a significant amount. This can be due to settling or moisture changes underground and can lead to worse settlement over time. Call your local foundation technicians on our team to see if your foundation may be causing cracking in your walls, floor and ceiling.

Uneven Flooring

Uneven flooring can be an absolute beast to deal with. This is seen by sloping or uneven floors, which can be hard to walk on and cause general inconvenience. If you notice this sloping or cracking, it could be due to a foundation problem that is causing different parts of your building to settle at different rates.

Separation Of Trim And Moldings

Gaps appearing between trim, molding and caulking around windows and doors may indicate shifting in the foundation. This will be relatively noticeable over time but can start very small. Making sure to regularly clean the trim and moldings of your home will give you a better chance of seeing this small symptom of foundation issues.

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If you’re feeling like your walls are caving in, you can call us to get your fix! Whether you’re a home services pro or a new homeowner, you can trust our expertise and tools to give your home the stability that it deserves.

There is nothing sweeter than a job well done, and your foundation repair is no exception! Calling The Crack Guys today will ensure that you get your fix fast so that your home gets the stability that it deserves!