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Wood Rot Repair For Your Crawl Space

Unless in a forest, wood and water typically don’t mix! Excess moisture in wooden material can cause it to decay, creating a risk for black mold and other bacteria to grow. Wood rot is a common problem that many Tennessee and Alabama homeowners discover within their crawl spaces.

When this issue occurs, it’s crucial to have a foundation repair company help you solve the problem. The Crack Guys is prepared to help you prevent decay from occurring under your home!

With over 20 years of experience under our belt, you can trust our team to provide reliable crawl space repair solutions for your home. We’ve compiled a guide to help you understand the effects of wood rot and how you can prevent it in the future.

Why Rotting Crawl Space Wood Is A Problem

When the space beneath your home becomes damp from high levels of moisture, it can create many issues that may compromise the integrity of your home. Wood rot is one of the most serious problems, resulting in both cosmetic and structural damage to your house.

Since your crawl space contains lots of wood, rotting can put this area at risk. The decay can cause sagging floors and water damage, increasing the risk of mold growth. Not only will this create a need for costly repairs, but it will also put the health of those in your home at risk.

Signs You Need Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot is not always clear at first glance, especially when it forms underneath your home. Regardless, it’s crucial to perform repairs when the decay forms. Your home will show a few warning signs when this issue occurs. A few indicators to look out for are:

  • Your floors are bouncy and spongy.
  • You notice a musty indoor odor.
  • There are gaps under the baseboards.
  • Areas of your home experience standing water.

With the help of our reliable foundation repair team, you can eliminate the hassles associated with structural decay. Our professionals are prepared to help you navigate the repair process as efficiently as possible!

How To Prevent Wood Rot In Your Crawl Space

During the wood rot repair process, a few methods can be used to prevent this issue from occurring in the future. With the help of these options, you can expect an understructure free from detrimental moisture issues.

Install A Vapor Barrier

An encapsulated crawl space is one of the most effective ways to prevent moisture from entering this area. Vapor barriers are used during this process.

This waterproofing technology consists of a plastic sheet that seals out moisture and diffuses vapor in concrete. Since it keeps the moisture out of this area, the wooden materials are protected from rot.

Utilize Crawl Space Piers

A helical pier system can be used to protect the wooden surfaces beneath your home. Crawl space piers are designed to seal cracks in your home’s foundation.

They also provide your house with additional support and protection. When paired with a vapor barrier, it’s highly effective at keeping moisture out of this area.

Identify The Underlying Issue

With the help of our trustworthy team, you can rest assured that we’ll find the cause of moisture issues with your foundation. Once the underlying problem has been discovered, our professionals can help you find a solution to protect your basement or crawl space.

Repair Rotted Wood With The Crack Guys Team

When foundation issues plague your home, don’t let it become a crack house! The Crack Guys is prepared to provide you with crawl space solutions that leave your home in better condition than we found it. Contact us today to take advantage of our dependable repair services.