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mudjacking versus polyjacking

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Poly Rise: Slab Lifting Technology

If your driveway, patio or porch steps are sinking or cracking, you need our concrete repair services. The Crack Guys can lift and re-level your problem area without the inconvenience and expense of a complete tear-out and concrete repour.

As patios, walkways and driveways crack, uneven cracks develop. In addition to being an eyesore, cracked and raised concrete can be tripping hazards to you and your family.

Fortunately, mudjacking and polyjacking can solve many sinking concrete problems instead of facing a concrete tear-out and new concrete pour. Concrete raising and leveling is a specialty of ours.

Both methods offer the same results – to lift and level sunken concrete by injecting material into drilled holes. However, choosing the best concrete repair method can be a difficult decision. To pick the best solution for your needs, it’s important to know the difference between polyjacking and mudjacking.

What Is Polyjacking?

If you have an uneven slab, the soil underneath has created voids and needs to be filled. There is an alternative to mudjacking – a more effective solution known as polyjacking.

Here on our team, we provide polyjacking with Poly Rise – Slab Lifting Technology. Poly Rise is the most effective concrete lifting repair on today’s market. The installation process uses high-density concrete lifting foam to lift and stabilize sunken concrete slabs.

Because of its unlimited benefits, today, polyurethane concrete slab lifting is used for both commercial and residential projects. This type of leveling method can be applied to sidewalks, warehouses, courtyards, garage floors, basement floors, pool decks, porches, patios, concrete driveways and more.

The Process Of Polyjacking With Poly Rise

The Poly Rise – Slab Lifting Technology process is relatively quick and simple with the proper poly equipment and material. First, small 5/8 holes are drilled into the affected area. Next, high-density foam is injected under the slab through the holes. As the material is injected, it expands and fills in voids.

It lifts and levels the slab back to its original height. Finally, all holes are filled, which takes 15 minutes to set. After curing, the concrete slab is ready for use. This technique works well for slab repair and Poly Rise – Slab Lifting Technology is a great concrete leveler.

Benefits Of Poly Rise

Though polyjacking with Poly Rise is more costly than mudjacking, it offers more benefits than other concrete slab lifting methods.

Firstly, there’s no need for excavation, which saves time and disruption. Additionally, it effectively seals cracks and joints, cures in 15 minutes and is water-resistant. Unlike traditional concrete, polyurethane doesn’t lose density over time or erode, ensuring a longer-lasting solution.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, polyurethane concrete raising proves to be more budget-friendly compared to full concrete replacement. Its lifting capability is noteworthy, as it can handle extreme lifting needs efficiently. This innovative solution maintains its original size and won’t shrink over time.

Another advantage is the reduced manpower required, as it only necessitates one poly-truck and less manpower compared to mudjacking. The myriad benefits of polyurethane concrete raising make it a superior option for addressing concrete-related issues. Contact The Crack Guys for polyjacking in Alabama or Tennessee.

Advantages Of Mudjacking

The Crack Guys has years of mudjacking experience and proudly serves homes in Alabama and Tennessee. Anytime the concrete on your property sinks, it leaves damaging voids under the house and structure. Trust our team to take care of your concrete.

By lifting slabs to their original position, voids are filled under the affected slab with a thick mixture of clean soil and cement. This slurry mixture is injected with force, then lifts and raises the sunken concrete back into position. Grout is then added to fill the voids and to stabilize the soil so concrete sinking won’t be an issue.

Drawbacks Of Mudjacking

Though mudjacking has its benefits and is less costly than other concrete crack repair methods, it has disadvantages. Some of these include:

  • Appearance issues due to larger drill holes
  • Added weight to underlying soil
  • Limited lifespan without addressing root causes
  • Potential material breakdown over time
  • Not suitable for thinner slabs
  • Limited to larger settlements
  • Color and texture mismatches
  • Environmental concerns from slurry mixture
  • Cost can be significant
  • Risk of slab damage during lifting

Our team can help you compare your repair options and make the best choice for your home, budget and time. Reach out to The Crack Guys to learn more.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Repair?

Not all concrete leveling is the same. The Crack Guys are here to help you determine the best method to repair concrete cracks.  If you would like an estimate for our slab foundation repair service or if you need more concrete repair information, please contact us today. We’re waiting to hear from you!