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Signs Of Foundation Issues

Exterior Home Repair in Alabama + Tennessee

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Exterior Cracks, Gaps And Repairs

If you live anywhere long enough, it’s only a matter of time before you figure out where “that” home in the neighborhood is. You know the one, with an overgrown lawn, dilapidated exterior and more foot traffic than a shoe store. Here at The Crack Guys, we’re determined to make sure everyone around us has access to the services they need to make sure they never become the owners of “that” house.

Between gutters, siding, chimneys and all the other features that make up the exterior of a home, there’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining the appearance of a house and fortunately, our team can do it all!

A bulldozer digging through a pile of dirt

Most Common Exterior Home Repairs

Choosing The Crack Guys for your exterior repairs is like choosing the best plastic surgeon for a facelift. Our services can immediately improve the appearance of your home while increasing the chances that strangers will be tempted to take a second look as they pass by.

Just like plastic surgeons tend to have a favorite feature to offer, here are a few of the most common exterior features that our team ends up fixing.

Damaged Siding

Many homes utilize siding panels to form the primary aesthetic of a home. Coming in a variety of colors, materials and configurations, siding is an incredibly versatile building option.

However, something as simple as a damaged or missing panel can quickly change the overall appearance of your home from commendable to condemnable. Siding can be damaged in any number of ways but anytime you notice siding damage and can’t pinpoint a cause, it’s a good idea to get your foundation checked as well.

Chimney Issues

If you’re in the market for chimney masonry repair, you can’t go wrong with The Crack Guys. Brickwork is essentially an art form, especially when it comes to chimney design, but you can rest assured that the chimney services we provide will be nothing less than artistic.

Window Frame/Border Issues

Unless your home was designed and built by M.C. Escher, window frames typically run parallel to each other and when designed and built properly, create a secure portal to the outside without making major compromises to energy efficiency.

This is the ideal scenario and we think that all our customer’s homes should be ideal. If you’re dealing with damaged window borders, bad seals or any other type of window damage, we’ve got you covered.

Stair Problems

If your home utilizes stairs for entry, those stairs must provide a reliable pathway between the ground level and the floor of your home. This pathway can be disrupted by many things, and our team is confident that we can fix them all!

Whether a shifting foundation is causing leveling problems or you’re dealing with cracks and need the best concrete step repair, we can fix any stair issue you could have.

Sagging Garage Lintel

The garage lintel refers to the beam that runs over a garage door and provides the primary support for the roof above it. Being such a major structural component, the lintel must be robust and capable of handling the weight of the roof.

It’s not unheard of for foundation issues to cause this component to sag, when this happens our team will be here with the best garage lintel repair around.

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Your home’s foundation provides support for literally every physical aspect of your home. So it’s no surprise that issues with the foundation can lead to so many problems with the exterior of the home.

Luckily, if foundation issues are causing your home’s exterior to look extra shabby, the team here at The Crack Guys is here with the highest quality foundation repair possible.

We’ll use all of our skills and abilities to fix both the aesthetic damage and the literal foundational problems that cause them. If you want to make sure that your house isn’t “that” house, call the team at The Crack Guys today!