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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair: Unexpected Signs Of Damage

If you notice cracks forming around the base, in the sheetrock, ceiling or brickwork of your home, it could indicate a major structural problem. Not only are cracks unsightly, but they can also be a tripping hazard and can let water and pests into your home.

Cracks are often symptoms of foundation problems. That’s why it’s important to have the expert team at The Crack Guys take a look at the cracks in your home as soon as possible. No matter if you live in cities of Alabama and Tennessee like Birmingham, Huntsville or Nashville, we’re ready to help you — read on to learn more about our comprehensive foundation services.

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

Cracks in your home’s structure, brickwork or masonry, floor, chimney, driveway or basement walls may indicate foundation shifting or movement. When the soil beneath your home moves due to drought or erosion, the structure is no longer supported properly. This can cause the foundation to settle or shift sideways. If it moves enough, the stress can cause the materials to crack.

Cracks in the walls, ceiling, drywall and other areas of your home may indicate foundation shifting from hydrostatic pressure. The more water that is soaked up by the soil around your home, the greater the hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can become too much for the foundation to withstand, causing concrete cracks to form.

Why Are Cracks Dangerous?

A hairline crack can let water in, causing damage or allowing mold and mildew to grow inside your home. A crack smaller than a fourth of an inch can let insects into your home and the damage they can cause will be costly.

While these issues can be a headache, homeowners need to be aware that cracks are usually a sign of foundation movement and can become a serious situation, affecting the structural integrity of your home.

A specific type of crack that is a cause for alarm forms in your basement and travels around corners or goes from the basement floor to the top of a wall. Also, if you have masonry work on your home’s exterior and discover stair-step cracks or if the wall is bulging, you should call the experts at The Crack Guys immediately. It’s important to schedule an inspection to determine what is causing the crack as soon as possible.

Fix Your Crumbling, Chipping or Flaking Foundation

There are a couple of different steps to repairing foundation cracks in your home. First, we will fill the crack to seal the two faces of the wall, floor or ceiling back together. Once the crack has been sealed, it’s time to stabilize the foundation itself.

There are several methods we use to fix these issues and prevent future cracks from forming. To support your home’s structure, we can install underpinning supports and piers. These products, including helical piers, act as stabilizers and supporters for the foundation to lift it and close cracks due to settlement or shifting.

Another solution we offer is polyjacking to lift and level sinking structures. In this process, polyurethane foam is injected beneath the foundation slab to raise the concrete and seal cracks that may have formed. The experts at The Crack Guys will give you a free estimate and determine the source of the foundation cracks and present you with the best options to remedy the situation.

Call The Crack Guys

A crumbling foundation may be more than just unsightly, it may be an early warning that you have other foundation issues. An inspection by a professional from The Crack Guys can determine if your home is just in need of a cosmetic face-lift or if there are serious structural issues occurring behind the scenes. Call The Crack Guys today if you notice any signs of foundation problems.