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Slab Foundations

Slab Foundations: Leaks, Cracks + More!

Many homes throughout Alabama and Southern Tennessee sit on slab foundations or are surrounded by concrete sidewalks, paths or driveways. Over time, shifting soil beneath your property can cause this material to crack.

Slab cracks can have several causes, and though not all of them are necessarily caused by structural defects, all cracks should be treated seriously. The team at The Crack Guys can inspect your slab and determine what kind of foundation crack repairs are needed to ensure your home is structurally sound.

Common Slab Cracks

You don’t have to have a slab foundation to suffer from this type of structural damage. From your patio to your driveway, your house is surrounded by concrete. Slab cracks can occur in any of the following kinds of concrete slabs:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Concrete floors
  • Foundations
  • Concrete patios and porches

If your slab cracks also include your foundation, you most likely have some structural damage that needs to be addressed. Cracks that lead to bulging or bowing walls are a significant sign of an underlying problem. Action needs to be taken quickly to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Causes And Fixes For Slab Cracks

Cracks in your concrete slab can have many causes, such as uneven settling, tree roots or inadequate site preparation. Tree roots can push a slab as they grow. Conversely, if a tree or root dies and the plant decomposes, a void may occur, causing a lack of support for your slab.

If the underlying soil was not compacted correctly, uneven settling can occur. If the slab is uneven, it may become a tripping hazard, depending on the use of the surface. If the concrete had too much water in the initial mixture, it may not dry correctly and will crack. Usually, this is manifested rather quickly after a slab is laid and is cosmetic in nature.

Another cause is overloading. This occurs when something sits on the slab that is too heavy, such as a vehicle or a storage unit. Regardless of what caused the crack, the gap needs to be addressed.

Slab Foundation Repair Solutions

Our team specializes in helical pier installation as well as polyjacking, two effective repair methods for slab cracks. If your slab cracks were caused by sinking, helical pier installation will lift and level the slab. If there are voids under your foundation causing it to sink and crack, we can use polyjacking injections to stabilize the concrete and lift the slab.

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The experts at The Crack Guys will make sure that you’re taken care of, regardless if it’s merely making your cracked slab look better or addressing any structural issues that may be occurring. We offer professional solutions for cracked driveways, sidewalks, patios, foundations and other kinds of concrete slabs. Contact our team today to schedule your service!