Hazel Green, Alabama

Serving as an important crossroad between the cities of Athens, Winchester, Huntsville and Nashville, Hazel Green, Alabama has seen its share of history. One thing has stayed the same, though, the homeowners of Hazel Green are proud of their homes. Affordable Foundation and Home Repair wants to help you keep your home stable and secure. The changing Alabama weather can play with the soil surrounding your foundation, creating stresses on the walls and damaging the structure. If you notice foundation cracks or other issues, contact us as soon as possible. We’ll inspect your property and assess the situation. We’ll then work with you to apply the best solution to your particular foundation issue.

Foundation Repair

As mentioned, foundation cracks are just one sign of foundation damage, here are some others:

  • Slab cracks
  • Water leaks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Sloping or uneven floors
  • Gaps around window frames
  • Leaning or tilting chimneys
  • Misaligned windows or doors
  • Chipping or crumbling foundations

You should contact us immediately to keep a small problem from becoming a big problem. Our highly trained professionals will assess the situation and determine not only the cause of the issue but the best way to solve it.

The products we prefer include helical tiebacks, helical piers, and plate anchors. Our team of professionals will level, stabilize and support your sinking foundation, as well as restore the strength of the foundation walls.

Stair Step Brick Crack

Crawlspace Repair & Mold Removal

Crawlspaces are easily the most ignored areas of your home, but they play an important role in the stability and health of your house. Excess moisture can promote insect infestations and mold growth. Having a dry crawlspace prevents wood from rotting and floors from rotting. In addition, the interior of your home sucks the air from the crawlspace, so any musty odors or allergens come along with, possibly causing breathing problems or other health issues. We can protect your home from these pollutants with crawlspace encapsulation, a vinyl barrier that will keep the moisture out. We also offer other crawlspace repair solutions such as piers, waterproofing, and floor joist repair and floor support installation. These repairs will provide the following results:

  • Prevent health problems
  • Provide clean and dry air
  • Eliminate mold and mildew
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Prevent further weakening of the home’s foundation
Fungus on Crawlspace Joist

Basement Waterproofing & Other Services

Are you tired of having to mop up after every rainstorm or smelling your musty basement throughout your house? Let Affordable Foundation and Home Repair check out your basement or crawlspace to see what needs to be done to keep your home safe and dry. It doesn’t take much excess moisture to ruin furniture or stored goods, either through water damage or mold and mildew growth. Our waterproofing specialists know the best solution to protect your Hazel Green home.

Some solutions we offer are interior and exterior waterproofing, sump pumps and pits, surface drainage and French drains. These systems, combined with our expertise, will provide you a dry basement for years.

For over twenty years, Affordable Foundation and Home Repair has served the Hazel Green, AL area. We are a family-owned company and will treat you with respect and integrity. We specialize in crawlspace repair, foundation repair, and waterproofing, in addition to many types of home repair. Contact us today for a free estimate

Water in Basement