Graysville, Alabama

Graysville, Alabama is a city located in the northern part of Alabama. If you live in or near Graysville and have experienced foundation problems, basement water issues, crawlspace mold, or other issues in your home, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair. We offer a variety of repair services for those in the Graysville, AL area.

Foundation Repair

Perhaps the most important service we offer in this area is foundation repair. Shifting soil and variance of the water content in soil under homes often leads to foundation failure. As soil under your home soaks in more water, it expands and pushes on the foundation above and causing cracks and heaving. Soil that loses water dries out and shrinks, leading to void formation and settlement.

Excavating for Foundation Repairs

We offer the following solutions for foundation repair in the Graysville, AL area:

  • Helical Piers
  • Helical Tiebacks
  • Wall Plate Anchors
  • Polyjacking

Helical piers are underpinning devices that are installed under the foundation and anchored into the deep, stable soils. Helical tiebacks and wall plate anchors are installed in the ground beside the affected basement wall to pull it into place and straighten it. Polyjacking involves injecting an expanding polyurethane foam in voids under the foundation for lift and stabilization.

Crawlspace Repair & Mold Removal

If you notice problems in the crawlspace of your home, we also provide various methods for crawlspace repair. Structural issues in the crawlspace can be solved using crawlspace piers, floor supports, and other methods of foundation repair. Once the structural issues are fixed and cracks are sealed, it is time to address the moisture problems.

Crawlspace moisture can be eliminated with a vapor barrier. With our crawlspace encapsulation service, we install a plastic or foil barrier along the inside of the area. This barrier prevents moisture from entering the crawlspace. This keeps mold growth from becoming a problem. We also offer removal services for mold to eliminate any existing mold. We use mold soda blasting to remove mold and clean the area.

Basement Waterproofing & Other Services

Affordable Foundation and Home Repair even offers waterproofing for homes in the Graysville, AL area. For existing water problems, we provide interior drainage with a sump pump system. We also offer exterior waterproofing and surface drainage to prevent water from seeping into your home in the first place. These systems include waterproof membranes, French drains, and grading around the home.

Our team always specializes in other services for structural repair as well, including concrete repair and crack repair. To learn more about our services and to find the right one for your home or business in the 35073 zip code, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair today.