Every homeowner understands the importance of upkeep and maintenance. Some projects are easier to tackle than others, like basic plumbing or landscaping. Others may need professional guidance, like electrical and roofing work. However, foundation repairs are serious, and you must always call a dependable repair company to perform them.

Foundation problems have some obvious signs, but knowing how to resolve them is another part of the battle. Don’t hesitate. If you suspect your home has foundation issues, it likely does. Read this guide on some crawl space post and beam foundation problems to be aware of.

Cracks in the Drywall

One of the most obvious signs of crawl space and support beam foundation issues is cracks in drywall. Any diagonal or webbing cracks are clear indicators of foundation damage. Typically, if support beams or crawl space posts shift, this results in foundation settlement. Foundation settlement refers to the process where the base of a building sinks into the ground soil due to foundation cracks.

Settlement causes cracks near doors, windows, and other openings at either the top or bottom of your door or window frames. Regardless of the size of the crack, drywall cracks are a clear indicator you need foundation repairs for your support posts or crawl space.

Poorly Fitting or Sticking Doors and Windows

Improperly fitting or sticking doors and windows are other signs that your foundation needs repair. Typically found in older homes, the internal mechanisms of your door or windows can wear out. With respect to your crawl space and foundation posts, sticking doors and windows are a result of settling issues.

Sticking doors and windows don’t properly open or close. Those that don’t lock, latch, or align indicate more than just a basic hinge issue. You can always try WD-40 to ensure the hinges and knobs work sufficiently, but if your doors and windows remain closed or stuck, then there is an issue with your foundation.

Do not cut corners. You can make minor repairs, such as cutting the door or window frame, to resolve those issues temporarily. However, doing this doesn’t tackle the root of the problem, which lies in your foundation settlement support beams.

Bouncing or Sagging Floors

Sagging or bouncy floors also indicate foundation issues. For instance, if you notice an obvious unlevel spot on your floor without external damage, chances are high that there are issues underneath the property causing it. It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood, carpet, or vinyl flooring. Rattling, bounciness, or bumps indicate foundation settlement where your property has shifted with the ground soil.

When soil expands or contracts, it does not do any favors for your flooring. Any change can result in serious issues with your crawl space foundation, which in turn affects the flooring. Additionally, it increases the risk of termite and pest infestation, which can further damage your wood support beams.

Rotting Beams

Whether from termites, high levels of moisture, or decayed wood, rotting support beams are not something to neglect. Older homes are highly susceptible. Rotten wood severely weakens, which is a serious safety hazard for you and your loved ones. You must replace rotting wood as soon as possible. The longer you neglect replacing support beams, the greater the chance your house can collapse, leading to injuries and property damage.

Rotten beams can also shift, which, as previously mentioned, causes your floors to sag or bounce and can cause cracks in your drywall. Many foundation issues are not isolated incidents but play off each other and develop over time, leading to unforeseen damage, a decrease in market value, and a higher risk of injury. For these reasons, call a professional foundation repair company to replace and strengthen your crawl space support posts immediately.

Wet or Damp Crawl Space

While there are many crawl space post and beam foundation problems to be aware of, moisture is also something to consider. A wet crawl space signifies high levels of moisture from precipitation, plumbing, or groundwater. Whichever the reason, moisture can cause considerable damage to your property and foundation support system, especially in older wooden homes.

Naturally, wood and water do not work well together. Over time, when wood gets wet, it weakens and becomes unstable. This results in painstaking repairs that not every homeowner is equipped to deal with. Some issues are simple, such as if your downspout angles directly onto the property. However, if no such obvious sign exists, then there are foundation issues at work.

High levels of moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow, which not only weakens your foundational infrastructure but also triggers asthma and other health-related issues. Therefore, it’s a health risk as much as a safety risk. It can also attract pests, which are a nuisance and can devastate your property, especially termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and rodents.

Fortunately, the right foundation repair company will help with any of these issues. That’s where we come in. The Crack Guys are here to prevent your home from disrepair. We offer expert guidance and repair services for crawl space support so you don’t need to worry. Now is the time to call if you’re experiencing any of these issues: cracks in your drywall, rattling, uneven or bouncing floors, sticking doors and windows, or cracks in your flooring.

We have the experience to provide quick installation and stability and implement prevention techniques for your crawl space. Call now to learn about our Samson Floor Support system. We use steel top plates, thread rods, adjustable nuts, tubes, and bottom plates to secure your crawl space base. Since we use steel materials, your crawl space posts will not be susceptible to moisture or rot.

Did we mention we also offer a lifetime support warranty for our customers? That’s because customer satisfaction is our bread and butter. Don’t believe us? Check out our customer testimonials! If you have any questions or concerns or want to schedule an initial inspection, call us today! Don’t wait any longer. Foundation repair is serious for your health, safety, and property value.

Crawl Space Post and Beam Foundation Problems To Be Aware Of