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How Are Concrete Cracks Formed?

Why Does Cement Crack?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to notice cracks in their concrete. But this can quickly grow worrisome when they get out of control, or when you don’t know what’s causing surface cracks in your new concrete.

The Crack Guys are here to crack the case and explain all you need to know about these concrete woes. When you need crawl space, foundation or concrete repair in Alabama and Tennessee, the Crack Guys are who to call.

The Different Types Of Concrete Cracks

Concrete is a strong and reliable material, with some even considering it the most dependable building material readily available. But it’s far from invincible, especially when handled poorly. Concrete cracks can manifest in various forms, each indicating different underlying causes.

Shrinkage Cracks

Shrinkage cracks typically occur during the curing process as concrete undergoes hydration, often stressing the material. They tend to appear as thin, hairline cracks. Reducing the amount of water in the concrete mix can make it so the concrete is not as stressed by the shrinkage.

Settlement Cracks

When the soil beneath a concrete slab compresses or shifts, it can cause the concrete to settle unevenly, leading to cracks. This problem can also occur when the terrain where the concrete is poured has not been properly cleared and cleaned. These cracks may be wider and deeper, and they often occur near the edges of the slab.

Heaving Cracks

Opposite of settlement cracks, heaving cracks occur when the soil expands, pushing the concrete upward. This expansion is commonly caused by frost heave in colder climates or expansive soils, or when the concrete is poured near tree roots.

Structural Cracks

These cracks are more serious and indicate underlying structural issues with the foundation. They may result from overloading, inadequate reinforcement or poor construction practices. It is important to ensure that your concrete is only ever handled by qualified professionals.

Common Causes Of Concrete Cracking

Understanding the causes of concrete cracks is essential for effective prevention. The possible sources of cracking are many, but some are more frequent and can happen simultaneously.

Keep in mind these common factors contributing to concrete cracking:

  • Improperly mixed concrete or poor compaction during installation can weaken concrete, making it more prone to cracking.
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations, freeze-thaw cycle, and prolonged exposure to moisture can degrade concrete.
  • Heavy vehicles or equipment exerting pressure on concrete surfaces can cause cracks over time, especially if the concrete is not designed to withstand them.
  • Buildings and structures naturally undergo settling and movement over time, which can cause stress on concrete surfaces and lead to cracks.

While not all concrete cracks are preventable, knowing how to protect your foundation against those that are is a smart investment for any homeowner.

Will Concrete Always Crack Over Time?

Concrete cracks are common, but they don’t have to be a serious and costly problem for your home. Proper installation, regular maintenance and addressing underlying issues can significantly reduce the risk of cracks forming.

By investing in quality materials and professional installation, homeowners can prolong the lifespan of their concrete surfaces and minimize the occurrence of cracks.

The best way to maintain your home’s concrete health is by trusting the professionals. We at the Crack Guys understand the importance of protecting your home’s foundation.

By making use of qualified concrete repair services, you can minimize the risk of long-term damage and take advantage of affordable concrete solutions.

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