Birmingham, Alabama

The city of Birmingham is located in the central part of the state. The Birmingham area normally experiences hot, humid summers, mild winters, and frequent rainfall. The area also sees its fair share of thunderstorms and the occasional earthquake. These are all problems that can cause foundation failure, crack formation, and water seepage. When changes in the soil or earthquakes lead to foundation movement, cracks might form. These cracks lead to structural damage and can allow water seepage to occur. Fortunately, the team at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair provides the Birmingham, AL area with professional repair solutions.

Services We Offer for Birmingham, AL Residents

Foundation Repair

When the ground that supports your foundation shifts, the foundation itself might sink or shift sideways. This can cause cracks, gaps and spaces, uneven floors, and other foundation issues. Fortunately, our team provides several effective repair options including underpinning with helical piers, installing wall plate anchors, or utilizing polyjacking services to lift foundations.

If earthquakes or soil issues cause cracks to form in your home, they should be repaired right away. Ignoring cracks in the interior or exterior of your home might cause water to seep inside and cause even more problems. Our team, known in Alabama as The Crack Guys, offers repair solutions for cracks of all types, sizes, and locations. We fix foundation cracks, ceiling cracks, wall cracks, floor cracks, and more.

Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing

Whether you have a basement or crawlspace, the frequent wet weather and the potential for foundation crack formation in the Birmingham area mean that you may eventually have to deal with a water problem. We offer encapsulation and mold remediation for crawlspaces and surface drainage, exterior waterproofing, and interior waterproofing for basements and water leakage problems.
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