Are you considering foundation repair for your home or business? Before you start, it’s important to differentiate between fact and fiction regarding foundation repair.

This knowledge will help you make informed decisions about repairs and avoid costly mistakes. Explore five of the most common myths about foundation repair and why they are not true.

Myth #1: Foundation Repair Is Expensive

The truth is that foundation repair doesn’t have to be expensive. The cost of repairing a foundation depends on the severity of the damage and the method used to address it. For example, if you use an underpinning system, the cost will be higher than if you opt for a simpler approach, such as concrete leveling. In addition, there are some tax credits available for homeowners who choose to invest in foundation repairs.

Myth #2: Poor Building Practices Cause Foundation Problems

Poor building practices can certainly lead to foundation issues over time, but plenty of other factors can also contribute to problems with foundations. These factors include expansive soils, extreme weather conditions, tree roots, and even plumbing leaks. It’s important to have a professional inspect your home or business to determine the exact cause of any issues before attempting any repairs.

Myth #3: Foundation Repairs Will Make Your Home Unsafe To Live In

This idea is completely untrue; repairing a damaged foundation can make your home safer by ensuring that it won’t shift or settle over time. When foundations remain unrepaired for too long, they can become unstable, creating dangerous situations inside and outside of the building. Having a professional perform regular inspections and repairs will ensure your home remains safe and secure.

Myth #4: Foundation Repairs Are Permanent

Foundation repairs are not permanent; instead, you should think of them as preventative maintenance that you must regularly do to keep your home or business safe. It’s crucial to have professionals inspect the foundation of your property regularly to identify any potential problems or areas that you may need to address.

Myth #5: Foundation Repairs Are Not Necessary

Foundation repairs are often necessary to keep your home or business in good condition. If you notice any signs of settling, cracking, or buckling in the foundation, it’s essential to contact a foundation professional as soon as possible. Ignoring foundation issues can result in further damage and may even put the safety of those living or working in the building at risk.

Speaking with a knowledgeable professional about your foundation repair options so that you understand the facts ensures you can make an informed decision for your property. With the right advice and approach, you can address any foundation issues quickly and efficiently.

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