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Floor Joist Repair

What is a floor joist?

Crawlspace floor joist acts as a horizontal plane that runs from wall to wall, wall to beam or beam to beam. They help support main floors above the crawlspace. They are usually made of concrete, steel or wood. If you have moisture in your crawlspace, wooden beams are more susceptible to water damage and could encounter serious issues such as expansion and contraction. Steel floor joists are less likely to expand and contract so they won’t warp or crack. Call Affordable Foundation & Home Repair today for floor joist repair!

Crawl space rotten wood repair

If you have foundation problems or moisture in your crawl space, you floor system is at a greater risk of failure. Moisture in your crawl space is not only detrimental to your health, but also the structural integrity of your home. Weakened floor joists can lead to sagging floors.

Signs of rotten wood in your crawl space

  • Sagging floors
  • Bouncy or creaking floors
  • Visible wood rot (fungi) on floor joists
  • Rus on floor joists
  • Cracks in floor joists

How rotten wood in your crawl space is repaired

If your floor systems is damaged, Affordable Foundation & Home Repairs can offer free advice on how we repair your home. We offer an encapsulation system that keeps water away from your crawl space and protects the structural integrity of your floor system.We also offer steel floor supports. Our custom built, Samson Floor Supports are adjustable and are built based upon measurements taken in your crawl space. They sit on a concrete pad, not dirt, which offers more stabilization rather than others who install a support that sits on the ground which shifts over time and may lose contact with the floor system as it settles.


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