Leaning Chimney Problems

leaning chimney repairA leaning chimney is a serious foundation problem and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If the situation is ignored, bricks could fall, injuring people or damaging property. If the chimney has pulled away from the house, water and pests could enter your home, causing even more damage. In addition, if the chimney has tilted enough, the lining could be cracked, allowing dangerous gasses to leak into your home.

Chimneys are built on a concrete footing, also known as a chimney pad. Depending on when the chimney was constructed, the footing may or may not have been poured at the same time as the foundation. Just because your chimney is having issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your foundation is in danger, though.

The most likely problem with your chimney is an issue with the footing. It may have been installed on poor soil and now the pad is settling unevenly, causing the chimney to tilt. Other problems may be that the footing is undersized and the weight of the bricks are causing the pad to settle at a slope. If the footing is not deep enough into the soil, it can be more easily affected by changes in the moisture content. Other possibilities could be a missing or damaged footing.

Invest in Leaning Chimney Repair Solutions

If you see your chimney tilting or if cracks appear, contact Affordable Foundation and Home Repair immediately so one of our professionals can inspect it and go over some solutions with you. One of the most common methods of repairing a leaning chimney in Alabama and Tennessee is the use of helical piers. The piers are giant screws that are driven deep into the soil, creating a secure anchor. The piers are attached with a bracket and the chimney is righted using hydraulic jacks. Once the chimney is square again, the jacks are removed and your home is structurally sound once again. For chimney repair in Huntsville, AL, contact our experts today. We provide effective repair solutions for all your foundation needs.