Foundation Repair

Affordable Foundation & Home Repair is a family-owned-and-operated company. With a combined 20 years of experience in this industry, we proudly serve Alabama and the southern Tennessee area for any of your foundation and home repair needs. We are a fully licensed and insured foundation repair company that homeowners in Alabama can depend on.

What’s Different About Alabama Homes?

Foundations in Alabama rest on clay soil that is susceptible to soil-related issues underneath the foundation. Heavy rainfall causes the soil to expand, and hot, dry weather causes the soil to shrink. Inconsistent moisture levels and ground movement underneath the foundation can push on the foundation, causing cracks.

Maturing tree roots and plumbing leaks can also lead to serious foundation issues. Make sure your trees and shrubs are not planted too close to the foundation and repair all broken underground pipes to prevent further settlement problems.

Signs of Foundation Failure to Look Out For

leaning crawlspace post that is a sign the home needs foundation repairWithout a stable foundation, the structure may become weak and cause serious issues throughout the home. That’s why it is vital to inspect your foundation on a daily basis to look for signs of foundation failure. Some warning signs may include:

  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Leaning or tiling chimneys
  • Cracks on concrete surfaces
  • Crumbling, chipping or flaking foundations
  • Wall cracks
  • Brick and masonry cracks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Sloping or uneven floors
  • Shifting or moving foundations
  • Porch settlement
  • Cracks in stairs/stoops

At Affordable Foundation & Home Repair, we have highly trained installers for our foundation repair products. We can help guard your home against further foundation issues. We provide free, detailed estimates for foundation repairs in Huntsville, Birmingham and many more cities in northern Alabama. We also serve cities in the southern Tennessee area.

What Foundation Repair Products Do We Use?

Affordable Foundation & Home Repair offers several foundation repair solutions for failing foundations. They include:

  • Samson Floor Supports: Each Samson Floor Support is custom built to exact measurements of each home. Each custom, steel, floor support is made up of 3” tubular steel with support weight of 80,000lbs (per support). The support has a 1” steel adjustable rod with a 3/16 thick, steel top and bottom plate. The support is seated on a 20×20 square – 12” thick concrete pad.
  • Helical Piers: Our helical piers are another foundation repair product that we offer for settling foundations. They are typically used for light structural loads, weak rock basement or deep load-bearing layers. A helical pier is a steel shaft that is screwed deep into the ground then mounted to the foundation for stability and support.
  • Helical Tiebacks: Tiebacks are an economical foundation repair solutions that are designed to stabilize and support cracking, bowing or leaning foundation walls. They can also be used to support sea walls, retaining walls or tilt-up construction. The installation process uses portable hand-held equipment without disturbing the work area.

Contact Affordable Foundation & Home Repair today if you need foundation repair services in Tennessee and Alabama. We use high-quality products that you can’t find in hardware stores. Not only is the product top-notch, we offer professional installation service from skilled contractors. Contact us today for a free estimate in the Birmingham, Huntsville, and Decatur area.