Foundation repairs are essential to your safety as a homeowner. Since the foundation of any home helps protect against structural, water, and other forms of damage, you shouldn’t wait until the last moment to address any foundation concerns. Still, you may wonder whether foundation repair will damage your landscaping. Read this brief guide to find out more.

The Good News

The good news is that no, foundation repair should not affect or damage your landscaping. Foundation repairs address consistent issues with your home’s foundation, such as cracked walls, sagging floors, and improperly closing doors and windows. Therefore, foundation repairs play little role in your surrounding landscaping. Expertly performed foundation repairs have a minimal impact on your yard, even surrounding flower beds and plants. Of course, repairs done early on will pose less risk than the more significant alterations necessary for extensive damage.

The Takeaways

As you decide how to address issues in your home, note that minor foundation repairs are low impact. Homeowners have more opportunities to protect their landscaping if they make the appropriate phone calls and appointments before symptoms worsen. For instance, concrete repairs have minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. Treatments like slab jacking involve injecting polyurethane foam under the slab to lift the concrete back into place. This process uses long hoses that will not intrude on your home’s landscaping. Still, waiting until the last moment to address foundation repairs may result in greater work done on the property, which could lead to landscaping damage.

Other Considerations

When considering if foundation repairs will damage your landscaping, the main variables to keep in mind include the degree of foundation damage, property size, and physical obstructions. Trees and larger plants may root under the concrete and even be the cause of your foundation issues. Any excavation work may also result in minor yard work, but innovative techniques reduce the damage done to your property.

The Crack Guys are here to help with a variety of home repair services. We devote ourselves to proper foundation repair without intrusive techniques that may damage your yard. With years of knowledge and experience, we want you to feel secure in our services. We’ll handle all foundation repair, waterproofing, crawlspace repair, concrete, rotten wood, and mold to ensure your home remains in top condition. Call us with any questions or concerns; we’re happy to help!