Water Seepage

Wet basements are not only caused by excessive rains and extreme flooding. Often, wet basements are the result of slow, constant water seepage. This water seepage normally occurs when there are cracks in your foundation, or when a lack of effective exterior waterproofing causes water to collect near your foundation.

The underlying cause of water seepage may be related to poor drainage, but it can also be related to foundation damage. The following list breaks down some of the most common causes of water seepage in Alabama homes:

Water Pooling in Yard
  • Foundation Settlement/Sinking: When the foundation of your home settled or sinks due to soilmovement, it can result in gaps and spaces forming between the concrete and the home above. These gaps allow water entry into the home.
  • Foundation Cracks: Cracks may appear in your foundation as a result of settlement or excessive soil pressure. Cracks are another point of entry for water in your home, allowing moisture to seep into the basement and cause various problems.
  • Lack of Exterior Waterproofing: Waterproof membranes on the exterior foundation walls prevent water from penetrating the porous concrete, and French drains reroute groundwater away from the foundation. If your home does not possess exterior waterproofing (a waterproofing membrane and French drains), groundwater may seep inside.
  • Poor Surface Drainage: Lack of proper sloping in your yard and dysfunctional rain gutters can contribute to water pooling around your foundation. The longer water is allowed to collect near the foundation of your home, the greater chance it will seep inside, causing moisture-related issues and weakening the concrete of the foundation itself.

Whatever the cause, it is important to have water seepage fixed as soon as possible. The longer you neglect repairing the causes of moisture seepage in your home and basement, the greater chance that mold growth, wood rot, structural degradation, water damage, and other moisture-related issues will occur in your home. Leaving water seepage alone can also result in further foundation damage, which means more expensive and invasive repairs.

Waterproofing Options for Basement Water Seepage in Alabama

The team at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair offers the complete set of services to repair water damage resulting from seepage and prevent further water seepage problems. First, it is essential that you address the cause of the water seepage. If foundation problems like sinking or crack formation have resulted in water entry, you need to have these problems repaired. We provide foundation piering with quality steel products to lift and stabilize foundations that have shifted, bringing them back to their original positions and leaving them well-secured to prevent further foundation damage. Foundation wall cracks resulting from bowed walls can be repaired using a combination of helical tiebacks or wall anchors and crack injection repair services. Our crack repair services can seal cracks of all kinds in your homes to keep moisture in every form outside your home’s walls.

We also offer installation of waterproofing services to ensure that water is not allowed to soak through your foundation walls and enter your home or basement. Exterior waterproofing and surface drainage keep your home from coming into direct, prolonged contact with groundwater and surface water. Interior waterproofing and sump pump systems expel water that makes its way inside to reduce the chances of mold growth and other problems.

To clean up water damage caused by seepage, we also offer mold remediation services. Our mold soda blasting technique will leave your home clean and mold-free without any evidence of water seepage. To learn more about these and other services that can help combat water seepage in your Alabama home, contact Affordable Foundation and Home Repair today.