Wall Repair

What are the Signs that Your Wall Needs Repaired?


Retaining Wall Bowing


Retaining Wall Cracking


Basement Wall Bowing


Basement Block Cracking

Wall Crack Repair

Leaning Basement Walls

Basement wall failure happens due to hydro-static pressure. This occurs when when water builds up on the exterior underground block. Once water pressure builds up, it must be relieved. Without proper drainage water will begin to intrude the basement through the blocks. Water also puts a large amount of pressure on the block walls of the basement thus causing walls to begin losing structural strength.

Cracked Basement Block

Wall Repair Methods

The Force Brace is a patented structrual tension-loaded wall repair system that utilizes steel I-Beam to straighten block or concrete walls. The Force Brace is a spring-coil design applying 1,000 pounds of constant corrective pressure against the foundation wall. 

Basement Wall Repair