Have you noticed your concrete patio or driveway cracking and appearing uneven? Uneven concrete isn’t just an eyesore; it may also impair the structure of your home. Luckily, there are ways of repairing this common problem. Discover the difference between polyjacking and mudjacking as you decide which repair method to use for this at-home damage. Read on for information from the foundation experts.

What Is Polyjacking?

Foundation experts use polyjacking when making repairs to the slab of your home. During the process, they drill a small hole in the concrete, then inject a polyurethane foam into the ground through it. This material helps thicken the base under the foundation slab. And after injection, the foam expands, which works to fill any cracks or holes that lead to the slab sinking. As a result, this process helps level out the concrete slab, which is vital when unevenness, sinking, or settlement occurs.

Many foundation experts use polyjacking because it offers better support to the building and won’t break down due to moisture in the soil. With a durable material like this, you don’t have to worry about a repeat incident, nor will you have to replace the concrete slab quickly.

What Is Mudjacking?

Like polyjacking, mudjacking helps lift a concrete slab and fill the cracks that caused the issue. Foundation repair experts do this by injecting those cracks with a blend of cement and clean soil so that the slab rises to where it should be. After completing this process, they fill the void areas with grout to help keep the space stable.

Which Is Best?

You’re probably wondering which option is best since everyone wants to make the ideal restorations to their house to keep it in top condition. Both options repair your home but come with a few key differences. One major difference between polyjacking and mudjacking is the price—polyjacking tends to cost more. However, mudjacking requires drilling more holes, takes longer to cure, and isn’t as long-lasting as polyjacking.

Although polyjacking may cost more upfront, it’s worth the price because it lasts longer. Additionally, mudjacking isn’t water resistant like polyjacking, which could result in shifts reoccurring in the future.

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