Stair & Stoop Problems

Some signs that you are having problems with your stoops or stairs are cracks forming in the concrete or the steps begin to pull away from your structure. Additionally, the stairs may begin to sink or settle awkwardly. Not only will this ultimately lower your home’s value, but it is a dangerous situation for your family and guests. Trips and falls are a leading cause of injury in the home.


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If you find the stairs or stoops in your Tennessee or Alabama home are settling, cracking or separating from your home, you should call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair. One of our experts can take a look at your situation and go over some solutions for your particular issue.

Stair and Stoop Repair Solutions

Settling and separation of your stairs or stoops can be a sign of other foundation problems, especially when combined with other situations including uneven floors, sticking windows or bowing and cracked walls. The same causes for your cracked or settling stairs can be the same for damaged foundations.

If your foundation is settling at a different rate than your stoop, it may separate from the rest of your home. This is common, as the foundation weighs a lot more than your steps. Other reasons may be that the soil was poorly compacted during construction, or the stairs were added at a later time. Sinkholes can develop under stairs, causing them to settle. This occurs when voids begin to expand due to heavy rains or soil shrinks due to drought conditions.

Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can inspect your stairs and stoops and work with you to solve the problem. A couple of common fixes are the use of helical piers or wall anchors. We care about the safety of your family and the investment you’ve made in your home. Contact us for all of your stair and stoop problems in Tennessee and Huntsville or Birmingham, Alabama.

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