Sloping Floor Repair

Sloping Floor Signs

Have you noticed that whenever you drop something remotely round in your house, it tends to roll in the same direction and settle in the same spot? Have you noticed gaps between the flooring and the bottom trim in your home? If so, you could be dealing with sagging or sloping floors.

If you live in an older home in Alabama, Tennessee, or Mississippi, you may attribute sloping or uneven floors to warped flooring. While this could be the case, the underlying cause of uneven floors could be a much bigger than the flooring.


Unlevel Floors

Foundation Repair

Often times, sloping floors are the result of foundation settlement. Foundation settlement is not uncommon for homes in Alabama. Whether you bought an older home or invested in new construction, settlement can be a normal part of the home’s aging process. However, significant settlement that results in sloping floors often indicates serious foundation instability. If the sloping floors are the result of foundation failure, you should contact a sloping floor repair company as soon as possible. Leaving sloped floors and foundation settlement alone will only result in problems that worsen with time and may lead to other signs of failure – gaps and spaces between walls and floors or windows, wall or floor cracks, and water leakage.

Sloped floors could also indicate excess moisture in the crawlspace, causing beam and post problems. Regardless of the suspected cause, if you notice sagging or sloping floors in your home, contact the team at Affordable Foundation The Crack Guys today. We will examine the problem and find the cause and the best solution to level sloping floors.

Solutions for Sloped and Uneven Floors

Stair Step Crack in Brick

We offer a couple of different solutions to fix sloping floors depending on the cause. Here are some of the solutions that we can use to repair uneven floors in your home:

  • Helical Piers: Using piering techniques is one effective way to reverse settlement and level sagging floors. These devices are installed underneath the foundation itself to stabilize and lift the foundation. This restores the concrete to its proper height, leveling out floors in the home above.
  • Crawlspace Piers: Since some sagging floors are the result of beam and post problems in the crawlspace, we also offer crawlspace piers to correct sagging floors. These piers are used in the crawlspace, not under the slab foundation.
  • Samson Floor Supports: These floor supports are designed to prevent sagging beams from causing sloping and sagging in your home’s floors. The system utilizes a stable concrete base and steel columns that are secured to the crawlspace beams to lift the walls and floors above.
  • Floor Joist Repair: Too much moisture in your crawlspace may result in wood rot or other issues that can compromise the integrity of your home’s structural support system. Our floor joist repair methods entails sistering/attaching a new joist to existing boards to provide extra stability and Samson floor joists to add strength and reverse sagging floors. However, some floor joists may need to be replaced depending on the damage.

No matter what is causing the floors in your home to sag or slope, Affordable Foundation The Crack Guys has a solution. Contact our repair team today for unlevel floor repair in your Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee home