Leaky Foundation Walls

Leaks in the foundation walls of your home can result in some serious damage. If water is allowed to leak through your foundation walls, it will not only cause a variety of water problems in your basement or crawlspace – mold growth, high humidity, wood rot, metal rust, basement flooding, etc. – but it can also weaken your foundation. As the water seeps through the porous concrete that makes up your foundation, it degrades the concrete, decreasing the structural stability of your home. Leaky foundation walls are a big problem that needs addressed quickly.

Leaky foundation walls are most often the result of cracks in your foundation. If the soil under your foundation shifts due to excess water, lack of water, or erosion, it can cause the foundation to heave, settle, or shift. This kind of foundation movement can put pressure on the concrete and may lead to crack formation or for gaps between the foundation and the above home opening up. Cracks in the foundation then allow an entry point for water. If water sits outside your home for long, it can seep through the concrete and leak into the home. This kind of leakage occurs with both surface water and groundwater buildup around the foundation.

If you notice any signs of leaking foundation walls – foundation cracks, a wet basement, mold growth, etc. – call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair today. We offer a variety of waterproofing solutions designed to stop foundation leaks and keep your home dry, all with a free estimate.

Solutions for Leaky Foundation Walls in Alabama

To fix the foundation leaks in your home, we offer a couple of different solutions. First, all foundation issues should be resolved so that further settlement or movement of the foundation does not cause even more issues. Next, cracks should be filled and sealed. Finally, waterproofing systems should be installed inside and outside the home to keep it dry year round in all types of conditions. The following services from Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can help complete these steps in your home:

  • Foundation Repair – We offer several different types of foundation repair – helical piers, helical tiebacks, and plate anchors – to stabilize your foundation and prevent foundation movement.
  • Crack Repair – Our crack injection and repair techniques will close and seal cracks to prevent water leakage.
  • Interior Waterproofing – Installing a sump pump system and proper interior drainage can reduce moisture and humidity levels in your basement to stop mold growth.
  • Exterior Waterproofing – Keeping groundwater away from your foundation reduces the risk of water seepage and leakage in your basement.
  • Surface Drainage – Ensuring that surface water does not pool around your home also reduces opportunities for seepage and leakage.
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation – have our team install a vapor barrier around your crawlspace walls to keep moisture away.

Our experienced team will come up with a complete solution for your leaky foundation walls. Call now for help with leaking foundations and wet basements in Alabama.