As of last week, it is officially spring! It’s not all sunshine and daisies, though. Spring can bring storms and flooding in Alabama and Tennessee. How can you protect your home from water drainage and crawl space flooding? Interior waterproofing!

What is Interior Waterproofing?

The basic concept of interior waterproofing is to protect the inside of your home to make sure that water does not drain inside. It should be paired with appropriate foundation repair and exterior waterproofing.

What does Affordable Foundation & Home Repair do?

basement waterproofing

Affordable Foundation & Home Repair’s Interior Waterproofing system includes a sump basin, drain pipe, and water channel. The drain pipe is placed under the slab to direct water away from the home. This drain is connected to a lower level that is connected to a heavy-duty, reliable sump pump. The water from the drain can then be removed by the sump pump to make sure that the foundation is not saturated. The sump pump does this by diverting water away from the foundation to protect the home from water damage and foundation issues.

Why is interior waterproofing important for your home?

basement waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is one of the first steps of defense against water damage and foundation issues in your home. It gives you peace of mind that you will not have water drainage, and if you do it will be directed to the sump pump through the drain. It’s a great option to complete your waterproofing arsenal against incoming spring storms. However, it’s important to note that you should first check over your foundation, or have a professional do so, and see if there are any underlying foundation issues. Checking your foundation first will assure you that you won’t still have water problems even after interior waterproofing. After you have done this, you can move on to secondary waterproofing options like interior and exterior waterproofing.

Want to get started before spring storms? Check out our service area and call Affordable Foundation & Home Repair today for a free estimate and to get started on interior waterproofing!