Your foundation is one of the most important parts of your property. This is the slab of cement where your house sits, and issues with this area can affect the rest of the home. Read on to understand how rain affects your foundation and what you should do if you notice problems.

Foundation Cracks

Heavy rain can create cracks along your foundation. One reason this happens is that as the soil surrounding your home gets wet, it absorbs this rainwater. As the dirt collects more water, the pressure of the expanding soil against your home continues to increase. This can result in hairline cracks, and if they grow, they allow the rainwater to seep into your home.

If that happens, you’ll have two pricy types of repairs to worry about—patching the foundation and removing the signs of water damage.

Foundation Cracks and Your Home

A damaged foundation can be detrimental to the rest of your home, specifically if the foundation or soil below it settles. Damage to the foundation can lead to cracking along walls and windows and even cause your floors or roof to sag. Not only does this lower curb appeal, but it also creates dangers within the home.

Foundation Settling

Another way rainy weather impacts your foundation is by causing settling. Your foundation could sink or settle due to the rain as all that water makes the soil beneath it softer. Sometimes, foundation settling leads to broken pipes, cracking within the home, or new difficulties with keeping doors closed.

Flooding in Your Home

As explained, heavy rain can also cause flooding within your home if the cracks in your foundation grow. You may not see standing water, but you know moisture is present if the basement smells musty or like mildew. Over time, the odor could worsen if you avoid it for long enough. This is due to the growth of mold and other types of bacteria.

Know When To Call an Expert

Once the storm clears, walk around your home to check the foundation for any cracks or visible damage. It’s best to call an expert when you notice areas of concern. You may see cracks along the foundation, floors, windows, or other key areas.

Never procrastinate a foundation repair. If you wait, hairline cracks can grow into larger ones that allow water to seep in, flood your basement or crawlspace, and damage your home.

Call the Crack Guys

The Crack Guys are foundation specialists who can help you repair this crucial part of your home. Contact us if you worry something may be wrong with your foundation or notice cracks. We operate in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. With help from the experts, you’ll keep your home in excellent condition.