helical tieback anchors graphicWhat are helical tieback anchors? What kind of foundation problems should they be utilized for? Why should I choose this method to support or fix my foundation? These may be some of the questions you’re asking yourself, but the good news is that helical tiebacks are not nearly as scary as they sound, and they are relatively easy to install and keep your home safe and comfortable.

What are helical tieback anchors?

These anchors are long, steel poles that have screws which can be withdrawn and reused. Helical tiebacks are screwed into the soil around the foundation, the anchor then helps stabilize and support bowing or leaning walls. Additionally, helical tieback anchors prevent future cracks by adding extra support to the walls.

What kind of foundation problem do helical tieback anchors fix?

To straighten bowing or leaning walls, we use helical tieback anchors. Helical tieback anchors can also be used to support sea walls or retaining walls. One of our experts at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can help you choose the right solution for your foundation problem.

How are bowing or leaning walls caused?

family homeFoundation problems like leaning or bowing walls can be caused by improper soil compaction during initial construction which will make the soil loose and easy to shift and cause damage, poor drainage which can cause cracks and flooding, dry soil, or soil erosion. Any of these factors could have an impact on whether or not your foundation ends up bowing or cracking. Moisture and poor drainage is usually the biggest culprit because it causes the water-logged soil to exert pressure on the side of the structure and cause bowing or leaning walls.

Why should this method be used on my home?

Helical tieback anchors are an economical foundation repair solution that is relatively easy to install and will provide your home with stability and support. The installation process uses portable hand-held equipment that will not disturb the rest of the work area, and any mess made will be cleaned up before project completion. Lastly, we can apply helical tiebacks to new construction projects or existing homes, so there are a wide variety of projects which these anchors work for.

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