Gaps & Spaces in Foundation Walls

After discovering you have gaps and spaces in your walls or foundation, you may think you should investigate the cheap and quick fixes at your local Alabama or Tennessee hardware or DIY store. Don’t be tempted! These patches are like putting a bandage on a broken leg; it isn’t going to fix the underlying problem and the situation will most likely just get worse. Let the experts at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair inspect your home and see if there are other signs of foundation damage.


Gaps Around Door Frame

If you have uneven floors, a wet basement or cracks in your floors or walls, you probably have some foundation issues that need to be addressed. The most common cause of gaps and spaces between your walls or doors is a sinking or settling foundation. This can be due to either too much or not enough moisture in the soil. If you are impacted by flooding or heavy rains, the soil may expand and put pressure on your foundation. If you are experiencing drought conditions, the soil can shrink and pull away, leaving little or no support for your walls.

Another cause for gaps and spaces in windows, walls or doors is sagging floor joists. If there is water in your basement or crawlspace, the floor joists may get saturated and begin sagging under the weight of the floor. Signs that this may be the problem are sloped or cracked floors or creaking flooring.

Gaps in foundations, walls, doors or windows can allow water and pests to enter your home, causing more damage on top of what you already have. That’s why it is important to have the professionals at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair begin working on a solution to bring your home back to its original luster.

Solutions to Repair Gaps and Spaces

A couple of methods for fixing any gaps your home may have is to stabilize and raise the foundation to its original level. This is done through underpinning with helical piers. Helical piers are screwed into the soil. These devices give your foundation outstanding support and bring safety to your family and to your home.