Foundation Failure Warning Signs


  • Cracked Brick/Cracked Mortar – Cracks in brick can be found anywhere, but are usually noticed around windows, doors, garage doors and corners of the home.
  • Cracked Stucco – Stucco cracks are often signs of foundation settlement.
  • Chimney Problems – Chimney leaning/tilting is often a sign of foundation failure.
  • Porch Settlement – Stair, stoop and porch settlement are often signs that foundation near the area has settled.


  • Wall Cracks – Cracks in walls or sheetrock can appear above doors, trim, windows.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows – Foundation settlement often causes doors and windows to stick, making them notably harder to open.
  • Squeaking Floors – Squeaking floors often points to foundation failure. When the foundation of a home shifts, it brings the homes interior structure with it.  
  • Floor Cracks – Floor cracks or separation in floors often means the foundation has shifted.
  • Uneven and Sloping Floors – Floors that slope are typically an indication of foundation settlement.
  • Saggy, Wavy, Bouncy Floors – Floors that sag, look and feel wavy or bouncy are often the effects of foundation settlement.
  • Ceiling Cracks – Ceiling cracks show signs of possible foundation settlement.
  • Wet Basement Blocks – Basement blocks can become saturated with water, if the wall is failing