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graphic of floor support beam installed in crawlspace floor supports

Samson Floor Supports

If you have foundation problems or moisture in your crawl space, you floor system is at a greater risk of failure. Moisture in your crawl space is not only detrimental to your health, but also the structural integrity of your home.

Signs of floor structure settlement

  • Wall Cracks – Cracks in walls or sheetrock can appear above doors, trim, windows.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows – Floor structure settlement often causes doors and windows to stick, making them notably harder to open.
  • Squeaking Floors – Squeaking floors often points to floor structure settlement. When the foundation of a home shifts, it brings the homes interior structure with it.  
  • Floor Cracks – Floor cracks or separation in floors often means the foundation has shifted.
  • Uneven and Sloping Floors – Floors that slope are typically an indication of structure settlement.
  • Saggy, Wavy, Bouncy Floors – Floors that sag, look and feel wavy or bouncy are often the effects of structure settlement.
  • Ceiling Cracks – Ceiling cracks show signs of possible structure settlement.
  • Shaking Furniture – Objects, such as china in a cabinet, rattle when you walk by.
  • Flooring Cracks – Cracks in flooring such as tile or hardwood flooring, often indicates floor structure settlement.


Wrong ways to repair

  • Wooden beams/piers/floor supports. Installing wood to provide structural support of a floor system is not ideal. It lacks structural stability and also attracts termites.
  • Concrete Piers. These supports are not stable enough to sit on dirt and support a structure.
  • Store Bought Supports. These supports are not built to maintain the weight of each structure, since each structures weight is different.

Why choose Affordable Foundation & Home Repairs – Samson Floor Supports

Our floor supports are custom built to size. Each support contains a ¼’’ steel top plate, 1’’ adjustable thread road, 1’’ adjustable nut, 3’’ steel tubing that can withstand a structural weight of 80,000 lbs, ¼’’ steel bottom plate, and 20’’ x 20’’x 12’ deep concrete pad.

Lifetime Warranty

Affordable Foundation & Home Repairs offers a lifetime warranty with the installation of our Samson Floor Supports.


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