If your floors seem to slope or sag in areas, you may feel concerned that something is wrong. This is a common sign that there’s an issue with your foundation. But how do you spot this? Below, we’ve detailed the common symptoms of sagging or sloping floors in your home so that you can immediately call for a repair.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Sagging floors may be to blame if opening and closing the doors or windows suddenly seems much harder. This can occur as the flooring and walls become uneven. Uneven floors and walls make it harder for these areas to function properly because the framing is no longer as level as it should be.

Uneven Floors

Sometimes, the signs of sagging or sloping floors in your home are as easy to spot as they sound. Your floors may visually appear slanted. You may even notice objects roll when dropped on the floor. This occurs because the foundation has improperly settled, creating the sloping.


If you have a chimney, this may also appear slightly slanted since the ground beneath it is no longer level. You should inspect your home inside and out.

Gaps in Baseboards or Flooring

In addition to uneven floors, you may notice large gaps between the flooring and your baseboards or among pieces of flooring. Walk around the inside of your home and search for large or obvious gaps, especially if you’ve noticed sticking doors and windows or visually uneven flooring.

Cracks in Foundation

Cracks in your foundation can cause your sloping floors. Therefore, if you spot them before sloping occurs, this is a warning sign. Damage to the foundation impacts all the house’s areas, as it’s the most integral part of a sound structure. Walk around your home and inspect the foundation. Then, contact a repair company if you notice large cracks.

Broken Floor Joists

This is another sign of slanted or sloping floors. Discovering this may require an expert to inspect the area. So if you believe your floors are tilted, have an expert come to check the floor joists in the crawlspace. These beams help support the floor, and if they are cracked or rotting, they can no longer do their job, which leads to slanting.

Repair This ASAP

Leaving slanted or sloped floors can lead to growing gaps. Likewise, moisture can sneak into these cracks and create additional problems within your home. Contact The Crack Guys for sloping floor repair if you live in our service area within Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee. As industry experts, we’ll determine the cause of your slanted floors so that we can do the appropriate repair. Don’t ignore the cracks in your home!