When the rainy weather won’t let up, it’s important to consider the effect water has on your driveway. If your driveway is raised, uneven, or pulling away from your garage, there may be concrete issues at play due to moisture, improper soil compaction, or poor drainage. While it’s easier to set the worry aside for another day, concrete and foundation issues are never something to wait on. They will not clear up over time, and they will only get worse. The best solutions for driveway issues are driveway mudjacking or polyjacking services.

Driveway Mudjacking

foundation repair contractor decatur alDriveway mudjacking is a process by which holes are drilled into the existing cement driveway and then a mixture of dirt, water, and cement is poured in to raise the slab and correct the issue. By lifting concrete slabs to its original position, voids are filled under the slab with a thick mixture of clean soil and cement. This lifts the sunken concrete back into position. Grout is then added to fill the voids and to stabilize the soil so concrete sinking will no longer be an issue.  Mudjacking is the most economical and classic option for foundation repair, yet it may not always be the best option.

Mudjacking can be invasive and causes large holes to be drilled into the existing cement because of the thick mixture. Additionally, it can be a messy method due to the soil, cement, and water solution used to fill the void or raise the cement slab. Curing time make take awhile, and driveway mudjacking is limited to certain weather.


A newer option for cement leveling and driveway repair is polyjacking. Polyjacking is when polyurethane foam is placed into voids, or empty spaces, to balance out the settling process. The foam can easily fill tight spaces, and it is installed through small holes drilled into the existing cement. This lightweight method can be used on wet or dry soil, and therefore is a great option for Alabama and Tennessee soil. Additionally, it is a permanent and precise solution because it does not shrink or wash away over time.

Polyjacking is useful for sunken doorways, sidewalks, and front steps as well. Plus, it is a year-round option that is quick, easy, and could last you a lifetime. While both driveway mudjacking and polyjacking are the best solutions for cement repair, which you decide to use will be based on your individual situation and advice from the experts.

If you notice your front drive is sinking or cracking, it’s time to call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair. Even if you’re not sure if it’s serious, send in a picture of the crack in your driveway and we will give you a free estimate! There’s nothing to lose and no obligation and it may save you a whole lot of time and trouble to fix your driveway now than when it is unusable. Contact us today to get started!