Door and Window Problems

What are The Signs of Door & Window Problems?


Doors not opening


Windows not operating


cracks above doors


cracks above windows


Gaps around Windows


Gaps around doors


Doors sticking

Crack Above Window

Do you have a door or window in your home that is difficult to open or close? If so, you might think the solution is just a matter of getting a new door or window. You may even blame the problem on humidity. However, these door and window problems might actually be the result of foundation failure.

When the foundation that supports your home sinks or settles, it can cause cracks to form around your window or door, preventing it from fitting in the wall properly. The window or door may also develop gaps or spaces around it as foundation movement pulls the walls away from the floor or ceiling. This can put pressure on the window or door and prevent it from opening or closing correctly. If you notice door and window problems happening in your home, call the foundation repair team at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair immediately. We offer free estimates for door and window problems related to foundation issues in Alabama.

Fixing Door and Window Problems in Alabama

In most cases, fixing door and window problems caused by settlement or other kinds of foundation failure involves some sort of underpinning. This is a process by which helical piers are installed under the foundation and anchored in deep layers of soil. These piers are then used to lift the foundation, providing it with support and reversing settlement. Following is more information on the piers we use in Alabama homes and businesses:

Helical Piers: This type of pier works to lift and support foundations. What makes helical piers special is that they are screwed into the ground. The threads on the helical piers provide an added level of stability to ensure the foundation does not sink or settle again.

These are the main types of piering products that we use to correct sticking or separated doors and windows in Alabama homes and businesses. Call us today to see which product is right for your foundation repair needs.

Window Seperation