crawlspace waterproofing costsHomeowners are always worried about some sort of foundation failure causing damage to different parts of their home. One part of the home that many homeowners forget about is the crawlspace. Because moisture often seeps into crawlspaces, it is not uncommon for water damage to occur in crawlspaces and basements. The important question for these homeowners to ask is, what is the cost of waterproofing my crawlspace? Maybe an even more important question is: what is the cost of NOT waterproofing the crawlspace? The team at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair has answers to your questions about crawlspace water damage repair and crawlspace waterproofing costs.

Why Do Crawlspaces Need Waterproofing?

The first thing to understand about crawlspaces is that they are almost always very susceptible to water leakage and water damage. This is because crawlspaces sit underground, where groundwater can easily seep through the foundation walls that enclose the crawlspace. If the ground around your crawlspace soaks in a lot more water than normal, it can cause hydrostatic pressure in the soil to increase. This pressure puts stress on your foundation walls, which can cause them to crack or shift. Cracks allow water to seep through the concrete, while shifted foundation walls might cause gaps to form between the foundation and the home’s floor. These gaps are also an entry point for water leakage.

Surface water can also cause leakage. When your yard is not sloped away from the home, water will collect in puddles near your foundation. The longer these puddles remain near the concrete, the likelier it is that the water will start to seep through the porous concrete that makes up the foundation walls. This not only creates a water leakage problem in the crawlspace but the constant water seepage will also weaken the concrete itself.

What is the Cost of Crawlspace Waterproofing?

The cost of crawlspace repair depends on how extensive the damage is and what kind of repairs are needed. Some of the most common repair methods for various crawlspace issues and water problems include:

  • Crawlspace Encapsulation: One of the most common methods of fixing crawlspace water problems is to encapsulation the crawlspace by installing a vapor barrier. This is plastic or foil sheeting that is installed all along the interior of the crawlspace to keep water from seeping inside. Vapor barriers keep water and water vapor out of the crawlspace to prevent mold from forming. This solution is good for both new crawlspaces and crawlspaces with a history of dampness and water seepage. Vapor barrier costs usually depend on the size of your crawlspace and how easy it is to access. HomeAdvisor estimates place average crawl space vapor barrier costs in 2017 in the low thousands.
  • Crawlspace Piers: If the supportive posts in your that hold up the floor start to rot or rust due to moisture, they will weaken and fail to adequately support the home. Shifting foundation walls due to water pressure can also result in sagging floors. We install crawlspace piers to lift fix rotted or rusted piers and posts and to support sagging floors. The cost of crawlspace piers depends on the number of piers needed.
  • Floor Supports: Similar to crawlspace piers, these supportive devices replace rotted beams in your crawlspace. If the beams start to rot from excess moisture and mold growth, the floor might sag and cave in. Replacing beams with solid floor supports is one way to counteract this. Floor support costs vary depending on the number and size needed and the severity of the problem. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to replace structural beams below flooring in residential buildings ranges from a little over a thousand to a few thousand.
  • Crawlspace Waterproofing: Crawlspace waterproofing might involve more than just a vapor barrier. Depending on how the water is entering the home, our team might determine that the home would be best served by exterior or interior waterproofing such as French drain installation or sump pump systems as well as a vapor barrier. The overall average cost to waterproof a crawlspace, foundation, or basement, according to HomeAdvisor in 2017 is in the low to mid thousand range.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold remediation is yet another cost that you might have to deal with if you let water problems in your crawlspace persist long enough. The longer you leave water seepage in your crawlspace alone, the greater the chance it will develop into a mold problem. HomeAdvisor estimates the average cost of mold remediation to be around one thousand to a few thousand.

What is the Cost of My Waterproofing Your Crawlspace?

If you are thinking that the above costs sound high, think about the cost of NOT waterproofing your crawlspace. The longer you let the damage continue to worsen without remedy, the worse the problems will become. This will only lead to more expensive and detailed repairs. More water leakage leads to more water stains, wood rot, and rust. More water seepage can weaken the foundation and result in foundation failure. Higher levels of humidity can create a dam atmosphere in the crawlspace, leading to mold growth that negatively impacts the quality of air in your home.

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