Collinsville, Alabama

As a resident of Collinsville, Alabama, it is important to be aware that your home may be susceptible to foundation failure. When the soil underneath your home is wet due to heavy rainfall, it will expand. This can cause your foundation to shift and heave. Hot and dry conditions will cause the soil to shrink, which can create cracks and voids in your foundation and also cause it to shift.

Foundation Repair

Slab cracks

Leaning or tilting chimney

Chipping, flaking or crumbling foundations

Sloping or uneven floors

Gaps around window frames

If you notice the following issues, be sure to call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair to assess your damages slab cracks, leaning or tilting chimney, chipping, flaking or crumbling foundations, misaligned windows or doors, sloping or uneven floors, and gaps around window frames.

Are any of these signs prevalent in your home? If so, call Affordable Foundation immediately to avoid further damage and costly repairs. Our company uses repair products including helical tiebacks, helical piers, and plate anchors. These work to level, stabilize, and support sinking foundations.

Crawlspace Repair & Mold Removal

Wet crawlspaces can cause wood rot, condensation and warped floors on the main level of your home. Here at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair, we offer crawlspace repair solutions for residents of Collinsville, AL. Our crawlspace repair solutions include crawlspace encapsulation, crawlspace piers, floor supports, crawlspace waterproofing, and floor joist repair. 

We even offer mold soda blasting for mold removal in your crawlspace. This service, which utilizes highly pressurized baking soda, can keep the air in your home safe and clean.

Crawlspace Mold

ensure clean & dry air

increase the resale value of your home

prevent health problems

reduce heating and cooling costs

Basement Waterproofing & Other Services

Have you noticed that water is leaking into your basement? We offer professional waterproofing solutions to keep your home safe and dry throughout the year. Even the slightest amount of water can ruin your carpets, weaken your walls, and destroy household furniture.

Our waterproofing systems include interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, sump pumps/pits, surface drainage, and French drains. Together, these systems will prevent water from collecting around your foundation and seeping into your basement or crawlspace.

We also offer a range of other services to improve the value and overall integrity of your home. Some of the additional services we offer include concrete repair, crack repair, and radon testing and mitigation.

Call now to get a solution for all of the issues in your Collinsville, AL home.

Water in Basement