Your crawlspace is an important part of your home. You may not realize it, but there are many possible plumbing, foundation, and insulation issues that can occur in your crawlspace. Here are five reasons to have your crawlspace regularly inspected to keep your home in peak condition.

Catch Mold and Pests

Crawlspaces are the perfect habitat for these organisms. Mold thrives in dark, dank environments, and your crawlspace is no exception. Mold in the crawlspace is a health and safety hazard as it can trigger asthmatic reactions. Additionally, rodents create habitats in crawlspaces because of the dark and warm environment they offer. Rodents can be more of a nuisance, though, as they often chew electrical wiring, spread disease, and are an overall eyesore. Inspect your crawlspace to make sure mold or pests don’t infest it.

Spot Repair Issues

Given that your crawlspace often has posts to support the foundation, it’s crucial you monitor these support beams to ensure your foundation remains stable. If you notice cracks, sags, or bowing in your crawlspace, it’s time to call a professional foundation repair company to fix it. Further, regular inspections can pinpoint any leaks, broken pipes, or other plumbing issues that you’ll need to address.

Insulation Repairs

Being a homeowner requires constant decision-making to ensure the right repairs and maintenance are in order. One common thing to keep in mind is your energy bill. While running your HVAC system will run up your energy expenses, you may not realize that your crawlspace insulation could be costing you even more. Poor crawlspace insulation results in escaped air, therefore, causing your HVAC system to work even harder. If you notice your energy bill increasing without any noticeable difference in your energy use, check your crawlspace to make sure no air is escaping.

Moisture Control

Excess moisture is another one of the five reasons to have your crawlspace regularly inspected. Moisture may not seem like a major issue, but it has devastating consequences on your foundation. The presence of excess moisture weakens the ground soil at the base of your home which can cause sagging, door and window issues, ceiling cracks, and weakened support beams. As previously mentioned, excess moisture further leads to mold growth, and attracts insects and rodents. Do yourself a favor and avoid these headaches with regular crawlspace inspections.

Preventative Maintenance

Owning a home is a lot of responsibility. It’s in your best interest to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Preventative maintenance helps ensure you catch issues as they arise. Regular crawlspace inspections help avoid potential disaster and can save you money and stress.

We at The Crack Guys understand the importance of regular crawlspace inspection. We’re a team of experienced foundation technicians ready to tackle any crawlspace issue you experience. For example, if you experience water in your crawlspace, ask us about our waterproofing crawlspace walls. The best way to avoid issues in your crawlspace is to call us today!