Common Foundation Problems


Above are some of the common signs of a foundation problem in your Northern Alabama home. If you see any of these structural issues inside or outside of your home, contact the professional repair team at Affordable Foundation Repair as soon as possible.

Causes of Foundation Problems and Their Solutions

Most foundation problems are caused by shifting of the soil underneath your foundation. This can occur for many different reasons. If the moisture content of the soil is higher than normal, it leads to an increase in the hydrostatic pressure, pushing against the foundation and causing it to shift and crack. Moisture in the soil can also lead to erosion, washing away soil under the foundation to form voids that cause the above foundation to settle and sink down. Similar voids can form when the soil shrinks and shifts due to a lack of rain.

Another cause of foundation failure may be poor soil compaction. If the ground under the foundation floor was not properly prepared and packed down, it could eventually settle, the foundation above settling along with it. Trees and shrubs growing close to the foundation can also cause issues. During especially dry periods, the roots of these plants will grow under the foundation in their search for water, pushing on it and causing it to heave or shift.

Dealing with foundation problems as soon as possible is the only sure way to ensure that they do not cause even further damage. Contact us right away to find out more about our solutions for the foundation problems in your Alabama home. We proudly serve Birmingham, Huntsville, Decatur, AL and surrounding cities.