Foundation Cracks

horizontal crack in concrete foundation cracksAlthough¬†foundation cracks can be unsightly, they don’t have to cause structural problems to still be a nuisance. A hairline crack can let water in, causing damage or allowing mold and mildew to grow. Expanding and contracting water inside your foundation will quickly break apart the strongest concrete. A crack as small as 1/64 inch can let termites into your home and the damage they can cause will be costly. Additionally, if a termite can enter your home, so can other pests.

While these issues can be a headache, homeowners in Alabama or Tennessee need to be aware that cracks are usually a sign of foundation movement and can become a serious situation, affecting the structural integrity of your home.

Some types of cracks that may be a cause for alarm are ones in your basement that go around corners or go from the basement floor to the top of a wall. If you have masonry work on your foundation and discover stair-step cracks wider than 1/4 inch or if the wall is bulging, you should be concerned. Also, if there is a crack running horizontally and the wall is leaning along the fracture, you need to call the experts at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair immediately. It is important that we evaluate your foundation and determine what is causing the crack as soon as possible.

Repair Solutions for Foundation Cracks

Simple remedies that you may find at a hardware or DIY store may only be a temporary fix, while your foundation continues to be impacted by damage from whatever has caused the cracks to begin with.

Our experts will give you a free estimate and determine the source of the foundation cracks and present you with the best options to remedy the situation. We use quality foundation repair products and methods like helical piers and polyjacking, and our skilled contractors will provide you with professional installation for your Birmingham or Huntsville, AL home.