Floor Cracks

crack in concrete patio or warehouse floor in Alabama floor cracks

There can be many causes for floor cracks. One of our experts at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can help you decide what kind of crack you have and the best way to repair it. In the case of floor cracks, it is better to play it safe. It may be nothing structural, but it could be a symptom of a much larger issue.

Cracks caused by the concrete shrinking are not usually a structural issue, but they can allow water, pests or radon into your home. Water needs only a hairline fracture to gain access and a termite only needs an opening of 1/64 an inch. If the crack is only on the floor slab, the damage is most likely not structural in origin. Even a small crack that isn’t caused by structural problems needs to be repaired, though, as it can be a tripping hazard.

A crack that is both on the floor and the foundation is most likely structural and, if left alone, can lead to significant damage to your home in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama or Tennessee. Cracks in the floor that include the foundation may also present themselves as moving slabs and leaning or bowing walls.

Other causes of floor cracks that are not necessarily structural are trees and their roots. As a tree grows, its trunk can push the surrounding soil out of place and consequently your floor, creating cracks. Another occurrence is if a tree dies or root killer is used. When the roots decompose, the soil around them can collapse, creating a void and subsequently causing the floor to crack.

Some of the same weather conditions that can damage foundations can also cause cracks in your floor. Extremely dry or wet conditions can cause the soil under your floor to shift or settle unequally, creating cracks.

It is in your best interest to have a professional from Affordable Foundation and Home Repair take a look at your floor crack and give you options to fix the crack or the underlying problem.

Get Your Floor Cracks Repaired

The professionals at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair will work with you to customize a solution to your individual situation. We will fill the gap and ensure that it is permanently closed. Once that is achieved, we will work on reinforcing the foundation. The most common method is to use helical piers. Helical piers look like giant screws that are driven into the ground. This method gives you the strength and security that Affordable Foundation and Home Repair stands by.