Moisture can enter a house in various ways. Poor roofing, broken gutters, and foundation issues are the main reasons. However, crawlspace vents are another gateway for moisture and pose a detrimental risk for mold growth and pest infestation. Read this guide on when to open or close crawl space vents to reduce your home’s risk of moisture damage.

When To Leave the Vents Open

The best time to open your crawl space vents is during periods of warm weather, such as the summer months. Opening the crawl space vents allows outside air to circulate under the floor. Proper air ventilation prevents moisture buildup, which reduces the risk of mold and mildew developing within the crawl space. Once moisture permeates the space, open ventilation often carries airborne mold particles, which can spread around the home. This point brings us to the necessity of closing your crawl space vents.

When To Close the Vents

If summer is the right time to open your crawl space vents, winter is the perfect time to close them. Colder weather results in drier air. Dry air and freezing temperatures are the biggest risks for crawl spaces due to the likelihood of freezing pipes. Burst pipes result in some of the costliest, most damaging water issues in any basement, crawlspace, or ground-floor home. Therefore, the best way to prevent a burst pipe is to close the crawl space vents as the outdoor temperature drops.

Other Considerations

When thinking about when you should open or close crawl space vents, you should keep some other considerations in mind. Mainly, these next steps ensure your crawl space remains protected each year. Crawl space encapsulation is one solution to crawl space issues that involves protecting the interior with durable plastic wrapping to prevent moisture and humidity. New vent covers, a sump pump, a vapor barrier, and a dehumidifier further remove moisture from the crawlspace and prevent pest and weather damage.

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