While there are many types of foundations, concrete slabs remain some of the most common. Still, ground contraction and expansion, aging, and improper installation can result in serious foundation issues. Here are three ways to know when to raise or replace your concrete if you notice any signs of disrepair.


Before undergoing any major home renovation, it’s important to keep a budget in mind. Foundation repairs are serious concerns for any homeowner, so make sure it fits your budgetary guidelines on which repair process you need. You may not even need a complete concrete replacement if you notice small cracks, minor discoloration, or blistering walls. Small, isolated areas are easy to resolve with minor handiwork. If the problem is larger than expected, you may need to replace the concrete entirely. Either way, call a professional foundation repair person to inspect the property for a quote before renovations begin.


Safety risks are other considerations when facing foundation issues, tying into the cause of the concrete issues. For instance, if excess moisture in the crawlspace or basement causes the concrete to crack, you may face a greater risk of mold exposure. Mold can cause asthmatic or allergic reactions in many people, potentially leading to respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

If a greater cause is at play, such as differential settlement, you face a greater safety risk of unlevel flooring and foundation. You should raise the concrete if any ground settlement occurs to avoid further stress on your foundation.

Noticeable Signs

Relatedly look for any noticeable signs of wear. Another way to know when to raise or replace your concrete depends on the effects on the house. Houses naturally shift over time, which adds stress to your concrete foundation. Wear and tear result from aging, so look for integrity issues such as small cracks or chips. It makes more sense to replace the concrete than raise it if you notice large cracks or major broken features. However, if you notice any uneven flooring, it’s best to raise the concrete in the affected areas. Drastically uneven surfaces due to tree roots or improperly installed concrete slabs require a complete replacement.

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