What Are The Foundation Repair Options

While there are different options when it comes to repairing a foundation, you want to ensure the best method is used.

Block Foundation- Crawlspace

  • Helical Piers – Helical piers are composed of galvanized steel piles with a helical plate on each lead section, seven-foot extension piles and a bracket that is installed under the footer to lift the structure.


  • Samson Floor Support – Each Samson Floor Support is custom built to exact measurements of each home. Each custom, steel, floor support is made up of 3’’ tubular steel with support weight of 80,000lbs (per support). The support has a 1’’ steel, adjustable rod with a ¼ thick steel top and bottom plate. The support is seated on a 20×20 square – 12’’ thick concrete pad.

Block Foundation – Basement

  • (Interior) Helical Tie Back
  • (Exterior) Plate Anchor/ Force Brace