Water Problems

Listed below are some of the common water problems in your home and basement. If you notice any of these issues with excess water or mold growth in your home, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair right away.


Crawlspace Mold or fungus


Basement mold or fungus


leaky foundation walls


Water in basement


Water in crawlspace



Wet Crawlspace

Causes of Water Problems and Their Solutions

In many cases, basement water problems are the result of a foundation problem, such as foundation cracks. Foundation cracks allow an entry point into the basement for water outside. This means that any excess groundwater that has built up around your foundation may now seep into the basement.

However, basement water problems can also be the cause of foundation problems. When the ground that surrounds your foundation soaks in a lot of water, it increases the hydrostatic pressure in the soil. That pressure can then push on the foundation walls, causing them to shift or crack. Groundwater that erodes pockets of soil under your foundation can also cause foundation problems in the form of settlement. The eroded pockets do not offer enough support for the concrete, resulting in a sinking and unstable foundation.

No matter the cause of your basement water problem, we have a solution. We can use interior drainage and sump pump system installation to remove water from your basement, reducing the risk of mold growth contaminating the air in your home. We also offer exterior waterproofing, surface drainage, and French drain installation to prevent pooling water near your home from damaging the foundation or seeping through the concrete.

Whatever sort of basement water issue you are dealing with in your Alabama home, contact the expert waterproofing crew at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair today for a reliable solution.

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