Voids Under Foundations

What are the Signs you have a Void Under your Foundation?

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Bricks cracking

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Cracked Block Foundation

Can Voids Damage your Home?

Unless a home is built on bedrock, settlement will occur. All soil compresses and voids happen under the foundation. Voids are pockets of air in the soil. As the ground compresses, these voids shrink. If the foundation does not settle at the same rate all the way across, there may be some damage to the structure. Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can provide you with solutions to voids under foundation in your home.

The three most common types of soil are sand, clay and organic and Tennessee and Alabama contain all varieties of soil depending on where you live. Sand is actually the most stable as this type of soil settles quickly, without much change over the years. Typically a foundation built on sand will settle within a year or two. Clay and organic soil have similar characteristics to each other. Both change more drastically than sand and are more susceptible to extreme weather variations. Drought conditions and heavy rains can adversely impact clay and organic soils, causing your foundation to settle unevenly.



Cracks in Brick

Signs of Voids Underneath Your Foundation

Uneven settling due to voids under the foundation is called differential settling. This occurs when one side settles more than another. How can you tell if your home is experiencing differential settling? The biggest sign is if you notice your foundation is cracking or otherwise compromised. If you see damage to your foundation, contact Affordable Foundation and Home Repair for an inspection immediately.

You may also notice standing water in your yard or basement, regardless of the weather. If you have flooding, especially if there has not been a lot of rain recently, you may have a broken pipe or water main. The plumbing could be broken if the foundation moved and the pipe remained stationary. Cracked or bowing walls are also red flags that you may have some foundation issues going on.

Affordable Foundation and Home Repair can assist you in determining what is happening with your home and give you the best solution to fix the problem. We offer foundation repair options like helical pier installation and plate anchors to lift and stabilize foundations. We also offer a range of waterproofing solutions to prevent erosion and other causes of underground voids in your Alabama home. We serve Birmingham, Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas.