What are the Signs you need Mudjacking?

Concrete cracks

un-level concrete

voids under concrete

driveway cracks

Cracks in Sheetrock

Doors sticking

windows not functioning

Do you have deteriorating, flaking, or chipping concrete? Is your sidewalk or driveway unlevel? You may be wondering just how to level concrete. If your driveway, patio, or porch steps is sinking, you need our concrete repair services. We can lift and re-level your problem area without the inconvenience and expense of a complete tear-out and concrete re-pour. As patios, walkways, and driveways crack, uneven cracks develop. In addition to being an eyesore, cracked and raised concrete can be tripping hazards to you and your family. Sidewalk and driveway leveling is very important. Fortunately, mudjacking and polyjacking can solve many sinking concrete problems instead of facing a concrete tear-out and new concrete pour. Concrete raising and leveling is a specialty of ours.

Both methods offer the same results – to lift and level sunken concrete by injecting material into drilled holes. However, choosing the best concrete repair method can be a difficult decision. To pick the best solution for your needs, it’s important to know the difference between polyjacking vs. mudjacking.

Advantages of Mudjacking

Affordable Foundation and Home Repair has over 20 years of mudjacking experience and proudly serves the Huntsville area. We should be your first choice for concrete levelers. Anytime the concrete on your property sinks, it leaves damaging voids under the house and structure. By lifting concrete slabs to its original position, voids are filled under the affected slab with a thick mixture of clean soil and cement. This slurry mixture is injected with force, then lifts and raises the sunken concrete back into position. Grout is then added to fill the voids and to stabilize the soil so concrete sinking will no longer be an issue. Mudjacking can also be used in conjunction with helical piers to reposition the sinking area of your home and to stabilize the soil.

Though mudjacking is less expensive than polyjacking, it has many drawbacks. Some of these include:

  • Requires many large drill holes due to the injected thick mixture
  • Uses thick cement-based material that causes resettlement over time
  • Mudjacking material weighs hundreds pounds
  • Mudjacking material is susceptible to shrinkage due to water resistant properties
  • Requires multiple trucks and uses heavy machinery
  • Curing time can take hours to days
  • Installation is limited to certain climate conditions

Benefits of Polyjacking

Similar to mudjacking, polyjacking lifts and supports sunken concrete. However, polyjacking uses polyurethane foam beneath the slab rather than the thick cement-based mixture. As the foam expands, it fills in the voids and raises the slab back to normal. Polyurethane concrete leveling not only corrects a sunken concrete slab, it fixes the root of the problem. Most settlement is caused by soil-related issues, such as soil erosion and groundwater migration. As polyurethane is injected under the slab, it strengthens loose soils and fills in voids. Unlike mudjacking material, polyurethane creates a watertight encapsulation that never washes out or erodes.

Other benefits of polyjacking include:

  • Requires smaller and fewer drill holes due to high-density polyurethane foam
  • Quicker curing time
  • Lightweight poly material that weighs 2lbs
  • Never loses density or washes away
  • Permanent concrete leveling solution
  • Does not stress foundations
  • Will not shrink
  • Requires only one poly truck
  • Precise slab lifting

Because of these advantages, polyjacking is the most preferred in the concrete repair industry. If you need concrete repair in Huntsville, Alabama, let our experienced professionals handle all of your concrete repair needs.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Repair?

Not all concrete leveling is the same. You need the trusted and knowledgeable driveway leveling contractors from Affordable Foundation and Home Repair to complete our polyjacking and mudjacking project. Both methods work for floor leveling. We’ll help you determine the best method for your needs.

We are a licensed and insured contractor with many years of experience and satisfied customers. Based in Huntsville, we provide all foundation repair and home improvement services in the Birmingham, Alabama and southern Tennessee areas. If you would like an estimate for our services or if you need more concrete repair information, please contact us today. All estimates are free and at no obligation to you.