Foundation Shifting

What are The Signs That Your Foundation is Shifting?

Cracks in Brick

Block Cracks

Gaps in Facia Board

Cracks in sheetrock

doors sticking

Gaps under baseboard

unlevel floors

Foundation Failure

Check your Floors for Shifting

Foundation shifting in Tennessee or Alabama, while certainly a nuisance, can cause significant damage to your home. If you see any signs of foundation movement, do not hesitate to call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair to have one of our experts perform an inspection of your home. 

Some symptoms of foundation shifting are sticking windows or doors. As your house shifts, the window and door frames can get off-kilter and make it difficult to open or close them. Sagging floors or warped ceilings are other signs that you may have foundation issues. Use a level at various spots around a room to check your floor, if you are unsure. Another easy check is to use a small ball. It shouldn’t roll when you set it down in random locations around the floor. Also, take notice of any interior walls that have gaps between the floor or ceiling.

Cracked Brick

Signs of Foundation Shifting and Moving

If you have a basement or crawlspace, you may notice some other evidence of foundation shifting. Cracked or bowing walls are a big warning sign. Small cracks are common, but if they are over 1/4 inch or there are multiple ones, then you have a reason to be concerned. Water damage, especially if it is not weather-related, is also an indicator of foundation movement. If you have water in your basement or yard that cannot be explained by flooding, you may have a broken pipe or water main. Not only is your home in danger, but you are paying for water that is going straight into the ground. We will quickly diagnose the situation and begin foundation wall repair, saving you money and making your home structurally sound.


The most obvious indicator of a shifting foundation is a cracked or crumbling foundation. If you can see damage on the outside of your home, action needs to be taken quickly, before the situation becomes dire.

Affordable Foundation and Home Repair has the quality products and knowledgeable people to give you peace of mind if you are dealing with foundation shifting and movement in your Birmingham or Huntsville, AL home.

Foundation Cracking