Foundation Settlement

What are the Signs that your Foundation is Settling?

Cracks in brick

block cracks

cracks in sheetrock

doors sticking

windows not functioning

unlevel floors

Foundation Block Cracked



If your home begins to show signs of settling or sinking, contact Affordable Foundation and Home Repair. One of our experts will do a free inspection and determine the cause and best solution for your foundation repair needs.

Cracks are common in foundation walls, but when they exceed a 1/4 inch or there are multiple cracks, there may be a cause for concern. Other indications of a sinking foundation are windows or doors sticking or gaps at the tops of doors, or masonry pulling away from a wall, such as a steps or pillars. A cracked or leaning chimney is a red flag that your foundation may be sinking. If you have a basement and notice bowing walls or water, these are also signs that you may have some issues with foundation settlement.

What Causes Foundation Settlement and its Solutions

If your home has brickwork and you see step cracking (cracks that zig-zag along the bricks), you need to have one of the professionals at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair take a look at it.

Some of the causes of foundation settling in Alabama or Tennessee is dry or over-saturated soil. We know the weather can go to extremes: a drought for a few months, followed by flooding. This change in the moisture content of the soil can cause your foundation to settle or sink. Trees growing too close to a structure or roots that have impacted a foundation are other factors that may cause damage to your foundation walls.

Before catastrophic damage occurs, you should contact the qualified specialists at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair for an estimate and to schedule an inspection.