Repair Wood Rot in Your Crawlspace

Fortunately, our team can inspect the problem and select the right steps to rid your crawlspace of wood rot and leave it happy and healthy. A sample of what these steps might look like follows:

Examine Crawlspace for Wood Rot and Mold

– First, our team will take a look around to find any wood rot in the crawlspace and determine the cause. We can also ensure that there are no signs of mold growth, another problem commonly resulting from high moisture levels.

Repair Floor Joists and Stabilize Floor

Our team will then repair the floor joists in your crawlspace using Samson floor supports and crawlspace piers to ensure the area is totally stabilized.

Fix Underlying Issue

We will then solve your moisture problems by encapsulating your crawlspace with a vapor barrier and fixing any faulty drainage systems that you may have in your home.

Crawlspace Fungus on Joist

Failing Crawlspace Structure

Have you noticed your floors starting to sag or slope? Unless you live in a very old home with warped or damaged flooring, the cause of this problem probably lies in your crawlspace with wood rot. The crawlspace is the part of your home that contains the wooden floor joists that support the floors in your home. If these floor joists start to fail, it is not uncommon for the floors above to become sloped or uneven as a result.

What is causing the floor joists and beams in your home to fail? Most likely, this failure is caused by excess moisture in the crawlspace leading to wood rot. Moisture can enter your crawlspace in a few different ways – it can seep through the concrete walls, it can evaporate through the crawlspace floor (especially common if the floor in your crawlspace is uncovered dirt), it can enter through the crawlspace vents, or it can leak in due to drainage problems. However the moisture enters your crawlspace, it can become a huge issue for your crawlspace and home. These wooden beams can suffer from wood rot, making them become unstable. The unstable beams lead to a sagging floor and can cause severe damage if they are not properly fixed.

Do not let wood rot in your crawlspace become an issue. If you see sagging floors or discover rotted wood in your crawlspace, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair for a solution today.

If you are looking for a complete solution to the wood rot and high moisture levels in the crawlspace of your Alabama home, look no further than Affordable. We offer solutions to fix rotted floor joists and support floors, get rid of moisture and remove any mold or mildew. Contact us to learn more.